(Clearwisdom.net) Pan Xuanzhi (non-practitioner), a 60 year-old lady, is the wife of a worker in Weishan Farm, Beian City in Heilongjiang Province. She has a serious mental illness as a result of the torture she suffered during the Cultural Revolution. The document of the diagnosis can be found in Beian City Mental Hospital, and it's said that this illness cannot be cured by modern medicine. Her sister Pan Xuanhua is 56 years-old. She once had some serious diseases such as late-stage nose cancer and ascites. She could hardly take care of herself, but cultivating Dafa has given her a second life (her story has been reported in Clearwisdom Net before).

Pan Xuanzhi was deeply amazed by the miracles Falun Dafa brought to her sister and she felt it was unfair for her sister who had been detained in a detention center for going to Beijing to validate Dafa in October 1999 and Janunary 2000. Furthermore, she was repeatedly declined a visit with her sister because of her sister's insistence on practicing Falun Gong. Out of deep sympathy for her sister who had suffered so much, Pan Xuanzhi has gone to Beijing twice to appeal for her sister despite her own poor physical condition. She was taken back from Beijing by the local police during her first appeal. When she was appealing in Beijing for the second time, she was brought back by the officials from the Weishan Farm. To avoid trouble, the evil police, together with Beian Mental Hospital, ignored the facts and wrongly documented that Pan Xuanzhi had never had mental illnesses. As a result, Pan Xuanzhi was sentenced to three years of imprisonment under the name of practicing Falun Gong and sent to Beian Jail.

This poor 60 year-old lady has suffered all kinds of mistreatment and torture just because she appealed for her sister. She lost her sensory perceptions while being confined in a small cell. The jail had to send her back. The Farm where she worked then put her in a nursing home and only gave the nursing home 40 Yuan per month for her food allowance. She could hardly survive with the tiny bit of food they provided. She finally managed to escape the nursing home and no one has heard from her since.

But the torture toward Pan Xuanzhi does not end there. At present, the Weishan Farm has sent out 20-30 people to big cities such as Harbin and Beijing to search for this old lady. Why is it that such a so-called "civilized country" cannot even tolerate the existence of a helpless old lady?

It is sad that this actually happens in China. What is wrong with our government?