(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Mainland Dafa practitioner. Since I attained the Fa in March 1999, both my mind and body have benefited tremendously. Furthermore, new articles from Teacher have enabled me to leave behind the narrow and selfish "self" and step out of "humanness." In August this year, workmates and I planned our October trip to Beijing to rectify the Fa.

Tiananmen Square

The morning after we arrived in Beijing, we went to Tiananmen Square. The sun was burning hot. The Square was crowded with tourists and was patrolled by police vehicles frequently. We also spotted plain-clothed police officers in the crowd.

We felt a kind of pressure never before encountered and did not open our banner during that day! We actually experienced and understood why it is not easy to let go of the attachment to life and death when under pressure. For a while after returning to our lodge we felt badly, but soon we encouraged one another with tales of other practitioners. Together we pledged -- tomorrow, even if the police stand right in front of us, our banner will fly high!

After arriving at the Square early the next day, we stood in the crowd, quickly opened up the banner and raised it high above our heads. In the background of golden yellow, five huge red characters - "Fa Lun Da Fa Hao [Falun Dafa Is Good]" were reflected in the eyes of the crowd. A middle-aged lady stood still there, silently staring at our banner. The police seemed to have vanished without a trace. Each of us proudly proclaimed what we wanted to say to the public. Then we packed our gear and left the Square. I still felt my voice was not loud enough, and the banner was not held up long enough.

Sharing our thoughts after returning to where we were staying, we realised that no matter how serious the environmental pressure was on the first day, the righteous thoughts in our heart did not overcome fear. However, on the second day, we only did what we should. At the same time, we all felt that Teacher had arranged this journey to Beijing for us.

Beihai Park

While walking through the garden in the Beihai Park (a park near the Tiananmen Square), we saw an electric pole with a flyer on it saying "Falun Dafa Is Good." Fellow practitioners were everywhere, all doing what each should do.

Great Wall

We decided that we were going to use the opportunity of our tour to the Great Wall to hang up the banner that we brought back from Tiananmen. We bought a long rope for this purpose and tied both ends of the rope to the two ends of the banner.

The next morning it was drizzling. When we arrived at the Great Wall we found quite a lot of people on it. We had to overtake them in order to reach a place where we could hang the banner safely. For this reason, we climbed up rapidly. The muscles in our legs were aching unbearably, yet I had but one thought in my mind -- we must hang this up today.

After the exhausting ascent, we finally reached an unpopulated section. We hung our banner on one of the pillars of the Great Wall.

After finishing our task, we met a couple of tourists within 25 meters of our way back. I turned and looked. The banner was then in a sea of fog, and one of the tourists was heading straight towards it. I wished in my heart, that he, as well as every other passer by who saw the banner, would understand that Falun Dafa is good and that Dafa disciples are resolutely persevering.

I knew that our smooth journey today was not accidental, but kindly arranged by our great benevolent Teacher. With this thought, my eyes filled with tears.