(Clearwisdom.net) On January 9, 2001 [Chinese lunar calendar], Liu Yufeng, a practitioner in Huanghua City/Hebei Province was forcibly taken away from home by policeman Shi Jinzhu, who conspired with others from the Luuqiao Town Police Department. They illegally detained her at the Huanghua Detention Center. Her home was ransacked and all Dafa books and truth-clarifying materials were confiscated. The thugs really made a mess of her home, even pouring rice and flour on the floor. At the same time, policeman Shi Jinzhu hit Liu's head with Dafa books. As a result, the corner of her left eye became black and blue. The bruise only went away eight days later.

During the time Liu was detained, because practitioners persisted in practicing the exercises, the deputy director of the detention center Sun Hongyan, and section chief Zhao Jinhuan, brutally beat them. They slapped practitioners' faces many times and hit them violently while grabbing their hair. Deputy director Zhang Minjiang used rubber batons to severely beat Liu and another five practitioners--Li Hongying, Gao Qingli, Yang Jie, Yao Ziling and Li Xiulan, because they persisted in practicing and studying the Fa. In order to safeguard the Fa, Li Hongying resisted the evil with her life and effectively shocked and frightened the evil. During her unlawful interrogation, policeman Shi Jinzhu conspired with another male policeman to extort information from her about the source of the Dafa materials. Li refused to answer. The police were so exasperated that they became angry and thus made up an excuse to brutally beat her. They slapped her face, rammed their elbows into her ribcage and kidney area, beat her with their fists and kicked her with their feet in order to vent their personal fury. These two thugs also cursed Dafa and Teacher incessantly. Li shouted loudly, "The police are beating people!" They were afraid of being exposed, so they finally stopped but still threatened, "A couple of days later, (we'll) get you into the police station and torture you to our hearts' content then!" Li's face was so swollen from the beating that she couldn't eat for a while. Her body was bruised all over. The inmates took pity on her and gave her their best food, milk powder, saying, "Nowadays, there's no place to go for justice!"

Personnel from the Huanghua Development District Police Station and Chengguan Police Station tricked Yang Jie into going to the police station at 9 p.m., on July 11, 2001, when she was home with her husband, Li Zhaochen. Later, they were both illegally detained at Li Zhaochen's work unit for one night. Originally, the thugs planned to send them to a brainwashing class. Because the couple determinedly refused to cooperate, they were illegally sent to the Huanghua Detention Center the following day. Without giving any reason and qualification, Li Zhaochen was illegally put under criminal detention; Yang Jie was illegally subjected to 15 days of administrative detention. As she refused to give up Dafa cultivation, she was sentenced to criminal detention 15 days later. Thereafter their family who didn't know the truth spent 5,000 Yuan [ which is approximately 10-month salary of an average urban worker in China] sending Yang Jie, who had been detained for nearly three months at that time, to a brainwashing class on September 30, thinking that Yang Jie would be in better condition there. However, they did not know that the persecution would just change from physical torture to cruel mental persecution. Along with Yang was Liu Yufeng, who had already been detained for eight months.

In the brainwashing class, the thugs put on outwardly kind faces and proposed three requirements: 1. Write the "guarantee letter." 2. Write a criticism [of Falun Gong]. 3 Show up on TV and videotape; otherwise, they would be sent for forced labor re-education at the most vicious Labor Camp in Hebei Province--Kaiping Labor Camp in Tangshan City. Long-term detention and various persecutions are disguises, all aimed at undermining practitioners' determination and coercing them to eventually give up cultivation. However, "Never in history has someone who persecuted those with upright faiths ever succeeded." ("Coercion Cannot Change People's Heart." Master Li's article). Yang Jie and Liu Yufeng determinedly negated all arrangements made by the evil forces. With Teacher's guidance, they broke out of the brainwashing class with righteous thoughts and are now homeless to escape further persecution.

Recently Zhang Chensan, husband of Liu Yufeng was also illegally detained at the Cangzhou Detention Center. The responsibility of taking care of the three underage children at home had to fall upon the shoulders of the aged grandmother.

Zheng is a practitioner in Huanghua City. In September 2001 he was trading at his store when police from the Huanghua Police Department illegally took him away without giving any reason, and put him under administrative detention for 15 days. On the 15th day his family went to pick him up, yet they didn't release him and further sentenced him to criminal detention. His wife is also homeless because she practices Falun Dafa and resists the evil's persecution.

The telephone numbers, to expose the work units and thugs responsible for persecuting Dafa:

  1. Huanghua Detention Center: 011-86-317-5226139. Deputy Chiefs Sun Hongyan and Zhang Minjiang
  2. Huanghua Police Department: 011-86-317-5221024. Section Chief Zhao Jinhuan and vicious policeman Shi Jinzhu
  3. Huanghua Luuqiao Town Police Station: 011-86-317-5888016
  4. Huanghua Development District Police Station: 011-86-317-5235401
  5. Huanghua Chengguan Police Station: 011-86-317-5220411