(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Cheng Lihe (pseudonym), I am a 39-year-old female Falun Dafa practitioner in Gongan County, Hubei Province. I started Falun Dafa cultivation in May 1999. Soon after I started practicing, I began to receive many physical benefits: my rheumatoid arthritis, gastric disease, gynecological disease, and other diseases that bothered me for many years had completely vanished. I felt extremely rejuvenated. I got so much benefit in such a short time. More significantly, I began to follow the supreme universal principle of "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance." My xinxing [moral character] was continuously upgraded.

In July 1999, the CCTV [State run China Central TV Station] started to slander our Teacher and persecute Falun Dafa with lies. In China we have an old saying, "A teacher for one day is a father for life." If your parents were persecuted with injustice, you would certainly step forward to clarify the truth. You will not keep your silence. All Dafa practitioners have benefited greatly from the cultivation. Now, against great pressure, we stepped forward to clarify the truth to the government and people. We hope to stop the persecution against Dafa and the practitioners. We have done nothing wrong.

Over the past two years, authorities in Gongan County "6.10 office" arrested and detained many Dafa practitioners illegally. They even sent the practitioners to labor camps and psychiatric hospitals and used vicious means to torture practitioners. In the afternoon of May 13, 2001, I was clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa to the pedestrians at a hotel run by the School of Finance. I tried to explain to people that we Falun Dafa practitioners are good people and that the persecution against Falun Dafa is a horrible crime. Suddenly, a dozen "6.10 office" people showed up. They dragged me into a police vehicle.

Convinced that no one was around, Zhang Zuyin, a "6.10 office" member, forced me to the floor and started to strangle me. I almost choked. At the detention center, they continued the torture until I passed out. After I regained consciousness, I found my house key was missing. Later I learned that the "6.10" people had stolen my key. They illegally ransacked my home when no one was at home. Until this day, I still do not know what they have taken. I don't know who gave them the power to seize people's belongings and ruin their dignity. They are no different from bandits.

Detention center director Chen Gang and Zhang Zuyin and Zhou Liangqing of the "6.10 office" repeatedly used shackles and handcuffs to torture me. On May 27, Zhang Zuyin, Zhou Liangqing and several others brought me into an interrogation room, where they knocked me off my feet. They then stomped me fiercely with their leather boots. Their torture left me with bruises and wounds all over my body.

After 3 days, despite my severe injuries, people from the "6.10 office" dragged me out to the street for public humiliation and forced me to witness the execution of a prisoner who was sentenced to death. Their purpose was to threaten and demean my spirit. During the ride to their killing ground, they stuck a towel into my mouth so I couldn't protest. They used a thin rope to tie up my mouth and throat during the public show trial. I nearly suffocated to death from their torture.

One cellmate later told me that after I was sent back to the cell, my body was ice cold and I remained motionless for one day and one night. In order to preserve my human rights and resist the persecution, I went on a 5-day hunger strike without food and water. Later I started another hunger strike, which lasted one week. I safeguarded Dafa with my life. On July 5, 2001, the authorities told my husband to bail me out with our house and a guarantee (that I would not travel to Beijing). Why can't a good person go to Beijing? Why are citizens deprived of their right to appeal?

At midnight on July 19, over a dozen people led by Yang Liangfu, Zhou Liangqing, and Zhang Zuyin, all members of the "6.10 office," suddenly rushed into my home. They took me to the detention center along with a family guest. Despite my weak physical condition, I staged a 6-day hunger strike (refused food and water) to protest their illegal conduct. I was force-fed and I almost died. Even under this circumstance, I kept telling them that Falun Dafa is righteous and that the good will be rewarded with good and the evil meets with evil. On July 26, I was released. However, after I went back home, they asked my husband's employer to send someone to watch me. I was compelled to leave home and to this day I cannot return home freely. This was the true reason why many Dafa practitioners can't take care of their families. The government TV distorted the picture by blaming the victims. I have a 14-year old child in middle school, and my mother is over 70-years old and she suffers from various diseases including high blood pressure and often has relapses. To support the family, my husband works out of town most of the time. Nobody takes care of my mother and child. I know that my family members, relatives, and friends are all very worried about my safety. I heard that Yang Shuxiang, who also works for my husband's company, is investigating my whereabouts. A few others also help the "6.10 office" to watch me. I am just a person cultivating "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." I sincerely hope that these people can differentiate the right from the wrong and stop helping the evils. Only then, they will leave no regrets for themselves.

I appeal to all kind-hearted people: please speak out for justice and help stop the persecution against Dafa. Let me go home to take care of my old mother and child, so my husband can work away from home without worries. Anyone who calls for justice and supports Falun Dafa will certainly have a good future.