Deyang Prison is a prison designated for detaining Falun Dafa practitioners in Sichuan Province. Currently, 50 practitioners aged from 19 to more than 70 years of age are detained here illegally.

Since February 2001, under the guise of implementing a nation-wide reeducation (brainwashing,) Deyang Prison has used various methods to inhumanly torture innocent practitioners. Many practitioners have incurred injuries from these beatings, and some have even lost consciousness. The prison carefully designed its plan for persecution. Police and many criminals in the prison's 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th districts where practitioners were detained participated. However, the local media called this premeditated brutal violence as "saving with love, transforming with kinship." Those guilty of these heinous crimes received not punishment but various awards and titles.

A most hideous example of the brutality was that of a Vice-director of the prison's 2nd district. He personally beat practitioners and also ordered some evil criminals to participate in the beatings. Not surprisingly, they followed suit and began torturing practitioners. They dragged practitioners one by one into a room, where they beat them for several hours. Some practitioners lost consciousness many times, some had blood all over their bodies or had internal bleeding and vomited blood, and some even suffered hearing loss or became deaf. In order to prevent practitioners from making sounds, a criminal was designated to strap their mouths with a towel during the beatings. In an effort to intimidate, some criminals threatened practitioners with remarks such as , "what's the big deal if one or two persons die in a prison?!" After the beatings, practitioners were forced to go through long hours of harsh military-like training and hard labor without any breaks.

Several police in the 4th district handcuffed some practitioners and brutally beat them with police batons. They ordered some criminals to beat practitioners throughout the night. In a perverted sense of duty, one police officer said while beating the practitioners, "We have a strong state behind us, therefore we can beat you as brutally as we want."

The most brutal examples occurred in the 5th district where Falun Gong practitioners were forced to perform heavy labor for as long as 17-18 hours at a time. And as they worked, they were not exempt from the brutal beatings and tortures served up by the criminal authorities. Such torture methods included, standing straight against walls or on one leg, bootcamp style drills etc. At night they were not allowed to sleep and were instead forced to endure more beatings by the criminals. Some practitioners had rib fractures and some could not eat because of the beatings. For these practitioners, forced-feeding was administered even to the point of almost suffocating some to death.

The guards in the 6th district also beat practitioners one by one with batons and asked the criminals to beat practitioners.

Besides physical torture, they also tried to forcefully brainwash and deceive practitioners with lies. The practitioners were not allowed to see their families and were constantly watched closely by inmates, thus limiting their contact with other people. However under these circumstances, many Falun Gong practitioners never wavered in their righteous beliefs in Dafa.

Yet some practitioners were persecuted into a confused state of mind and were forced to write so-called "guarantee" or "repentance" statements. Deyang Prison applied for its "reward" from the government using these little bits of "transformation achievements"--all obtained by violence and bloodshed. They used several traitors' words and few practitioners' mistaken words when their minds were not quite conscious and broadcasted these in the media in order to distort the truth of the persecution as "transformation with love". Yet, they never mentioned a word about the brutal violence that was actually taking place. Instead, they widely boasted how they patiently educated and transformed the practitioners with kindly and paternal ways, which are just lies that can only deceive themselves. Knowing this, the Sichuan Province Prison Control Bureau still held a formal rewarding conference to give the 3rd district awards to the police who committed the beatings and to the additional police groups. The prison also reduced the sentences for the criminals who beat practitioners.

Force cannot change people's hearts. Some practitioners who wrote those repentance statements realized the wrong they had committed after their minds became clear. One after another, they declared to the prison that those statements were invalid and practiced Falun Gong firmly again. In return, the angry police tortured them by forcing them to practice bootcamp style training under the hot sun, heavy labor, and not permitting them them to rest. Some practitioners were again beaten by criminals. Facing these unfair treatments and serious human rights violation, one practitioner went on a hunger strike. As their crimes became exposed and the voices expressed by practitioners outside the prison, and the voices from good "ordinary" people were heard, the police's evil conducts were somewhat suppressed.

Those who do things against the heaven's will shall be condemned by heaven. In Deyang Prison, some of those responsible for the beatings of practitioners have already received heavenly retribution. In addition, some criminals who persecuted Dafa practitioners were diagnosed with malignant tumors, encephalitis, and other strange diseases. Those police who attempted to gain political self interest through persecuting practitioners were reduced in rank or transferred elsewhere after some internal political power struggles. Mayhem has followed this prison ever since. Events such as criminal escapes started happening very frequently. And even one time, in an act of complete outrage, the police let several dozen criminals beat citizens and caused injuries in more than ten people. The higher authorities began hearing the mounting complaints, and quickly inspected and reformed the prison. Yet all of these crimes are sending a message: All behavior against the universal principle of Zhen (Truth), Shan (Compassion), and Ren (Forbearance) will eventually receive punishment. Good will be rewarded and evil will receive retribution; this is heaven's law.

Finally, we call upon all people with justice to stop the evil, positively recognize Falun Dafa, and help Dafa practitioners to gain the legal rights they deserve. We also sternly warn those who are participating in this persecution to stop immediately; otherwise, you are doomed to face a shameful and miserable ending.