Beijing Dafa practitioner Liu Yongwang, 29, and his wife Qi Shuying were arrested on September 14 in Shanghai. They were transferred to Baoding City, Hebei Province on October 15, and are now both being detained at the Baoding City Detention Center. Their two-year-old daughter has been sent to Liu's elderly parents in the countryside so that she can be cared for.

Liu Yongwang is a graduate of the Computer Automation Department of Tianjin University. After he was arrested, Liu began a hunger strike, refusing both food and water in protest, and refusing to cooperate with the evil. October 25th was the 41st day of his hunger strike. Liu's wife Qi Shuying, also 29, is a resident of Baoding City. She was a teacher at the Baoding Teacher's College. She is now on the 16th day of her own hunger strike to protest her illegal detention.

We hope that people will pay attention to this couple's suffering. We would also like to take this opportunity to warn the guards at the Baoding City Detention Center and the policemen at the Baoding City Police Department Northern District Station: A person's life is priceless. Good begets good, and evil begets evil! Stop persecuting kindness.

To all the practitioners who read this report, please send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil and the arrangements of the old forces, so that our fellow practitioners can leave these hellish places as soon as possible.