1. Xing Dajun, male, from Heilongjiang Province, Daqing City, Longfeng District Changxi, virulently slandered Falun Dafa and ripped up Dafa literature. His health used to be very good but now he has liver cancer. The common people who know him all say that he has received retribution for abusing Falun Gong.
  2. Heilongjiang Province, Zhaodong City Police Department, Political Security Section: the wicked policeman Liu Weizhong had throat cancer this summer and had to spend over 10,000 Yuan RMB [nearly two years' salary for an average urban worker in China] for surgery. He received retribution for abusing Falun Dafa and the Teacher over a long period.
  3. In Heilongjiang Province, Zhaodong City, Detention Center Director, the wicked policeman, Wang Fu, got very angry upon hearing Falun Dafa practitioners loudly reciting "On Buddha Law" in their cells and called seven female practitioners into the office and slapped them in the face one by one. After two rounds of slapping, Wang was breathless from his effort. Practitioner Li Benjun's family members came to visit her, and upon seeing Li, Wang Fu asked, "Are they (the practitioners) doing the right thing?" Li replied, "They are doing very well." The wicked Wang Fu, immediately slapped Li in the face a dozen more times. Several days later, Wang Fu went to the hospital for a check-up and learned that every organ of his body was diseased.