Some days ago, I saw an elderly woman crying in front of the Gansu Provincial Police Department. I went over to ask her what was wrong and she told me that she was trying to get her son back. She shouted loudly with grief and indignation to those gray Police Department buildings, "Free my son!"

The son of this elderly woman is Yang Xuegui. He is thirty-six years old and he worked as a clerk in the General Affairs Section of the Gansu Province Lanzhou City No.2 People's Hospital. In 1994, Yang (who was twenty-nine years old then) had a very serious liver disease. His limbs were weak and he had difficulty breathing. He worked in a hospital and because his work performance records were excellent, the hospital tried its best to provide him with the best doctors, the best medicine and the best medical utilities. The treatment took several months and cost many thousands of Yuan. (The monthly salary of a typical assembly line worker is four hundred Yuan.) However, nothing worked. Yang's parents were afraid of any possible delay, so they checked Yang out of the No.2 People's Hospital and they themselves took him around the country for further treatment. They tried Chinese medicine, Western medicine, famous doctors, military doctors, itinerant doctors, Qigong masters, sorcerers, sorceresses, lamas, monks, and Taoist priests. They tried everything. But Yang's health did not improve at all. Yang grew worse and came to the verge of death. At that time, the family was heavily in debt and they did not even have enough money to buy food. Everyday, Yang's parents and his wife wept all the time. And Yang had secretly planned to commit suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills. An originally happy and peaceful family was about to be crushed under the heel of this malevolent illness.

By then, the family could not do anything and became desperate. In October 1995, one of their relatives introduced Falun Gong to Yang and gave him the priceless book, Zhuan Falun. Yang's long lost heart felt hopeful again. He was so enthusiastic in reading the book, in learning the Fa and in practicing the exercises that he completely forgot his illness and inevitable death. Two weeks later, Yang's illness was gone. He regained his appetite, he slept very well and he was able to run again. Soon after, he returned to work. His face glowed with health and his body was full of energy. He said, "The original Yang Xuegui has died. Now I'm a newborn Yang Xuegui. It's Teacher Li Hongzhi that gave me the new life!" He became more diligent and more careful with his work. The General Affairs Section had a lot of work that people may have easily taken advantage of. However, Yang judged his acts by the high standards of a Falun Dafa practitioner. He never took advantage of his job, not even a slight advantage. His great physical and moral improvements amazed the people who knew him, so many of his relatives, friends, classmates and colleagues came to him and started to learn and practice Falun Gong. Even those administrative leaders, medical experts and famous professors of the No.2 People's Hospital came to talk to him.

In July 1999, the wind and clouds suddenly changed. Out of his dark and despicable mind, the "Human Rights Scoundrel" Jiang Zemin started to smear Falun Dafa and its founder. He then launched the brutal persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners. Yang Xuegui was shocked. His heart was broken. Again and again, he went to talk to the related officers and governmental departments. Using his own experiences, he validated the Fa's magnificence and showed people that Falun Dafa would only benefit the country and the people. Soon afterwards, Yang politely refused the "advice" from his boss and his family. He resolutely went to Beijing to appeal to higher authorities. He said, "You all know that my life is given by the Fa, given by the benevolent Teacher. Now the Fa is being smeared and Teacher is wanted by the police. If I pretend not to be aware of this, I would be a heartless person! No matter if it is a mountain of swords or a sea of flames, (It's a Chinese saying that is used to refer to the most dangerous places and the most severe trials. -- Translator) I'm in!" He went to Beijing twice. In the year of 1999, he went to Beijing, braving the ice and snow. The other time was in year of 2000, when he went to Beijing, braving the intense heat of summer. When he came back, the police searched his home and confiscated his property. They imposed a fine on him and imprisoned him for some time. However, all of this could not stop Yang. He still persisted in traveling around to share his experiences with others and to clarify the truth. Finally, the hospital asked him to make a final decision between his job and his practice of Falun Dafa. He was required to either write the so-called "guarantees" of giving up practicing Falun Dafa, or to quit his job. Yang smiled and said goodbye to his boss and his colleagues. Then he left his workplace.

Since January 2001, the police have been trying to arrest Yang Xuegui. They called him such names as "stubborn element," "organizer," "chief enemy." Yang said, "I didn't do anything wrong; I just used my personal experiences to clarify the truth to people. Those people who are trying to arrest me are not afraid of me. Instead, they are afraid that people will know the truth. When all the people know the truth, that will be the day when the evil force is completely eliminated." In August 2001, the Provincial Police Department issued a wanted circular against Yang. Yang was arrested in Gansu Province Jinchang City in early September 2001.

When Yang's mother heard of his arrest, her heart was broken. She was not a Falun Dafa practitioner and she knew little about the Falun Dafa principles. However, there was one point that she was very clear about: that Falun Dafa is a very high-level virtuous Fa that can save the world and save the people. Without Falun Gong or without Teacher Li, her son would have died a long time ago . Though her son was sent to a prison, he did not do anything bad. What he had been doing was the most righteous thing in the world. He is the honor of the family.

On October 9 of 2001, Yang's mother strode proudly into the Provincial Police Department. At an office, a female officer shouted at her angrily, "Who let you in? What do you want?" Yang's mother answered boldly, "I'm here to ask you for my son Yang Xuegui." The female officer immediately lied, "We haven't seen your son. Go and ask the City Police Department." Yang's mother replied clearly, "It's your department that issued the wanted circular. So I will just ask you for my son." The officer finally told the truth: "We are interrogating him because he appealed to higher authorities time and time again!"

Yang's mother answered, "Why don't those embezzlers, underworld gangs and bad people dare to appeal to higher authorities? Falun Gong practitioners behave righteously and correctly. What's wrong with going to Beijing and speaking out the truth for the sake of the country and the people?" The female officer could not reply. Finally, she came up with, "Have you watched the Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation program on TV?" Yang's mother said firmly, "I did. And I knew right away that it was nonsense. Falun Gong practitioners would never do things like that." The female cop became infuriated and did not say a word for a long time. Then Chief Zhang of the department came in. He pointed to Yang's mother and shouted viciously, "Arrest her!" Yang's mother laughed and sat down on a chair. She held out her hands to the Chief Zhang and said, "Then do it." Zhang's face distorted with anger. Finally, Yang's mother was driven out of the police department. That is when I met her.

The fall wind was sweeping the fallen leaves and the leaves were flying in front of the Provincial Police Department's front door. The old woman continued to tell the crowd of onlookers what had happened to her son and to Falun Gong. I believe that the palaces of those devils that created these injustices would be shaking if all the families of those innocent, unjustly wronged people could uphold justice, step forward like Yang's mother and shout loudly, "Free my family members!"