(Clearwisdom.net) The municipal police department of Yushu City closely follows the political directives of Jiang Zemin by acting as a tool for his evil persecution of Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa disciples. Since July 20, 1999, they have illegally detained, placed in labor-camps, coerced, kidnapped, blackmailed, and beaten up Dafa disciples. They have ignored the law, committed crimes, and racketeered, and all this has had a terrible impact on the people. "The evil's persecution in China--which ignores all of its consequences--will lead people to completely distrust the ruling party and its regime, and to disobey the government. The lie-spreading propaganda machine will no longer be able to employ demagoguery."(Master Li Hongzhi "Coercion Cannot Change People's Hearts")

1. The brutal persecution lets the worldly people see the true nature of the evil

The evil policemen in the police department of Yushu City have no concept of law or moral nature. Because of their desire for transient selfish benefits and short periods of glory they fundamentally disregard people's lives and rights, using all kinds of despicable means to persecute benevolent Falun Dafa disciples. Only in Yushu city, were there as many as 120 practitioners being illegally sent to labor camps. Because of the suppression from the evil, how many Dafa disciples are suffering every second and every minute in a hell-like labor camp? How many innocent good people are detained, fired from their jobs, forced to break up their families, leave their homes, and fined into financial collapse? They utilize the fears that Falun Dafa practitioner's relatives have. Their relatives fear that the practitioners may be given long-term imprisonment and be unjustly sent to a labor camp, having committed no crime. These evil people have illegally blackmailed and extorted money from practitioners. The evil in the police department used Dafa desciples' hard earned money to go to restaurants, visit saunas, and go on sprees of eating and drinking. While this was happening, Falun Dafa disciples and their relatives were suffering in grave pain.

The instances of persecution can be listed endlessly: for example, in the Dagang County Subdivision of Yushu City, two Falun Dafa disciples were fined great amounts of money and were blackmailed because they went to Beijing to validate Dafa. The relatives of one of them had to sell off their house, livestock equipment, vehicles, and horse, and they had to pay more than 10,000 Yuan (equivalent to one and half years' income for an average person) to get somebody's help [note: an person of influence to broker the release] so that their relative could be released.

A Falun Dafa disciple was detained for a long term. His relatives spent 4,000 to 5,000 Yuan on inviting Chen Xingguo (the political security section director) and his brother for a dinner, and a sauna. Then later the Dafa disciple's relatives had to buy Chen Xingguo and his brother shoes valued at 900Yuan (one and half months' income for an average Chinese worker) and 700 Yuan, respectively. Then they released the practitioner.

There were two Falun Dafa disciples who were arrested in Beijing when they were appealing. The police department of Yushu City dispatched police to Beijing to meet them. The police department blackmailed the Falun Dafa disciples for 4,000 Yuan, and another disciple for 3,500 Yuan to cover the expense of their "commute". One Falun Dafa disciple could not afford for this fine. They forced her to pay for her trip back to her hometown with her grain ration farmland. The dispatched police officers Li and Zhou took 860 Yuan from these two Dafa disciples, and only returned 460 Yuan to them later.

These facts made a lot of people see the truth. Falun Dafa practitioners' compassion has melted people's reasonless hatred. Now there are a lot of Dafa disciples' relatives who have awakened. In succession they have come to condemn the evil deeds of Jiang's regime, and they no longer seek to put pressure on Falun Dafa disciples. Dafa disciples' relatives stood up and helped their relatives that were bearing tribulations, and with justice and conscience they resisted the rampant persecution of Falun Dafa.

2. Dafa saves sentient beings

Falun Dafa is being persecuted by bad people. A lot of Dafa disciples have benefited from Falun Dafa mentally and physically and learned the meaning of life. They learned that if the people of the world are deceived by the evil's lies the results are dangerous. In order to save sentient beings, and to eradicate all the evils, Dafa disciples have been unselfish, given up their egos, come forward to validate Dafa in succession, and defended Dafa. Jiang's regime, however, has carried out the most severe persecution in history, illegally sending practitioners to labor camps and detaining them and denying them their rights to freedom of belief.

In labor camps and detention centers, Falun Dafa disciples of Yushu City persevered with righteous thoughts and belief in Falun Dafa. They destroyed the evil's lies and validated the greatness of Dafa with their own experience of benefiting both physically and mentally from Falun Dafa.

In the face of the evil persecution, Dafa disciples Han Yuzhu and Wang Xianyou did not betray Dafa even in death, having fulfilled a holy oath with their blood and life. Dafa disciples Yin Xianghui, Liu Shujuan, and Li Shuying suffered inhuman treatment in a labor camp, but still persevered in cultivating in Dafa. A lot of Dafa disciples wrote so called "repentance" or "guarantee" statements when they did not have clear minds due to the high temperature in the labor camp and the pressure they felt from people in the labor camp. Once these Dafa disciples realized their mistake, they published solemn declarations that all the speeches and statements that did not accord with Dafa were null and void, and they devoted themselves again to the Fa-rectification process. They delivered a heavy blow to the evil.

During their illegal detention and imprisonment, Dafa disciples Cui Zhanyun, Guo Shuxue, Zhang Xiuli, Chen Ronghui, She Tingyou, Ma Yuling, as well as others held a hunger strike taking no food or water to protest the illegal detention. They suppressed the evil with the great wisdom and braveness that Dafa endowed them with. In the face of the evil persecution, some Dafa disciples who had not stepped forward before became unafraid and stepped forward in succession to play the role of Dafa particles validating Dafa, exposing the evil, and saving the people of the world. Dafa disciples have demonstrated the greatness and invincibility of Dafa, using their rock-solid righteous thoughts and practice.