1. Gangster Logic
  2. When the relatives of practitioners visited them, the brainwashing class personnel have always slandered the practitioners, saying that the practitioners didn't care about their families and made them suffer. The reason was that practitioners were not moved when their relatives begged them to write the "Guarantee Letter." A practitioner indignantly spoke out against the slander, "My spouse's leg is broken and there is no one at home to take care of him. You don't let me go home to take care of him, but turn around to say that I don't care about my family. This is absolutely gangster logic!"

  3. Clear with Just One Glance
  4. One day, the brainwashing class held a big meeting. In order to prevent the practitioners from talking to each other, the evil people arranged a brainwashing person to sit next to every practitioner. One practitioner was able to tell clearly who the practitioners were with just one glance. The brainwashing person sitting next to the practitioner asked how. The practitioner replied with a smile, "Falun Gong practitioners, even though being detained for a long period and enduring torture, have skin that looks fine, delicate and healthy. They are righteous, compassionate and harmonious. The followers of evil, even though living comfortably with power, doing whatever they want, have skin that appears dark and pale yellow. Fame and interest have polluted their hearts, and cigarettes and wine have hurt their bodies. They have done very bad deeds, and looked low and petty. When these two kinds of people sit next to each other, it's clear like black and white. How could it be hard to distinguish?" The brainwashing person remained silent.

  5. The Flood-Control Headquarters Becomes an Illegal Prison
  6. The Wuchang District received 4 million Yuan under the excuse of building a flood-control headquarters and instead used the money to build a prison-style base for brainwashing classes. The prison is surrounded with high walls and electrical fences. It opened in June of this year. Using blood money of the people and under the guise of flood control, they built a base for the governing party to persecute its own innocent citizens. In the future, when Dafa rectifies the human world, this place will be hated and cursed by worldly people as evidence of the evil people's crime.

  7. The List of Evil Persons
  8. Zhu XX, male, the Secretary of District Civilian Military, with a Xiangfan accent, has been the organizer of the brainwashing classes in Wuchang District for two years. He has made the most contributions to the evil "6-10 office" and he is the top evil person of the brainwashing classes in Wuchang District.

    Bai XX, male, in his forties, section director of District Office Workers' Association, a soldier transferred to civilian work, is willingly being driven by the evil and very dedicated. He is the main thug for Zhu XX. Unlike Zhu's hypocrisy, Bai has a vicious face, and often claimed, "This is the prison, you (referring to practitioners) ARE the prisoners." This vicious person often curses viciously between his teeth to the practitioners through the steel bars, "I will turn this place into a hell." This scoundrel has brutally beaten senior practitioners many times.

    Li Changquan, male, in his thirties, director of District Personnel Department, is a soldier transferred to civilian work. This scoundrel dared to torture practitioners brutally, and has been highly praised by the evil. When a practitioner under his surveillance refused to write the guarantee letter, he became very furious and brutally beat the practitioner for a whole night without letting the practitioner sleep. He used all the methods he learned in the army to torture an unarmed and kind Falun Gong practitioner, and even sent the practitioner to a mental hospital afterwards.

    Huang Yi, a District Court employee, in his forties, works at the People's Court of Wuhan. He often said, "To deal with them (referring to Dafa practitioners), I only have my fists." Huang has a gentle appearance and wears a pair of glasses. It's very hard to imagine what a ruffian he is. He is responsible for persecuting practitioner Li Zhaolun, who is the section leader of the Hubei Province Statistics Bureau's Rural Surveying Team. Li Zhaolun is a college graduate, the backbone of his profession, and a very brilliant young man. In order to force Li Zhaolun to write the guarantee letter, Huang Yi didn't allow him to sleep for a long period of time and tortured him with various methods. Currently, Li Zhaolun is still being illegally detained by the Statistics Bureau.

    "Through the chaos we can see people's hearts," (Lecture at the Conference in New Zealand, 1999) as facing Falun Gong practitioners' great compassion and great tolerance, some of the brainwashing personnel's consciousness were awakened. They see clearly the truth of the persecution and act in a perfunctory manner in the brainwashing work. Some have even used their positions to help practitioners who were persecuted, and thus have accumulated immeasurable virtue for themselves. The vicious people like those described above have utilized the limited time to enthusiastically present themselves and strive for achievement and rewards from the evil in order to gain political capital. They really don't know what's good and bad, and have created endless sins for themselves. Like Teacher said, "You will never be able to pay it back, and yet you must pay for it forever." (Lecture at the Fa-Conference in Canada, 1999)

    We ask Dafa practitioners who see this list of evil persons to please send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil.