On October 20 and 21, eight adult practitioners and 3 young practitioners in St. Petersburg, Russia formed a car tour team for SOS! Global Rescue Practitioners Persecuted in China. They started from St. Petersburg and visited many surrounding cities to spread Dafa and clarify the truth of persecution against Dafa practitioners by Jiang Zemin's regime. During their two-day trip, practitioners traveled 700 kilometers and distributed over 3000 Dafa flyers. When they passed the cities, they also donated dozens of copies of Dafa books to city libraries and gave Dafa truth materials to city governments. They have made their plan for next trip, and will strive to do better and better in hongfa and clarifying the Dafa truth.

Clarifying the Dafa truth Group exercise on their trip
Group exercise on their trip Always purifying my heart and keeping righteous thoughts