Qishui County, Shandong Province

Around July 20, 2001, authorities at Fuguanzhuang Village, Qishui County, Shandong Province, launched another campaign against Falun Dafa practitioners, ransacking homes and taking practitioners into custody. One day during the campaign, Ren Xianchen, head of the local government, the wife of Lu, the Party Secretary, and their son, Lu Liang, were on their way home when their vehicle collided with another vehicle coming from the opposite direction. All of the passengers, except for Lu Liang and the driver, died instantly. Lu Liang was seriously injured and has been hospitalized ever since. His treatment has cost over 200,000 Yuan (the average monthly salary of a Chinese urban worker is 500 Yuan) so far.

After investigation, the police thought that the accident was caused by fatigue on the part of the driver. It was said that shortly before the accident, local government officials, including the driver, were involved in searching for and arresting Falun Dafa practitioners. One of the practitioners who was arrested during that time, Gao Mei, a woman from Fuguanzhuang Village, was tortured to death in police custody.

It is a heavenly principle that good will be rewarded with good and evil will meet evil. Not only will the individual involved receive retribution. His or her family may also have to pay a price. We hope that this will serve as a wakeup call to people.

It should also be noted that the director of the Qishui County Police Bureau, Zhu Junqian, who had participated in persecuting practitioners, received his warning: he was diagnosed with cancer around May of 2001, and has since been hospitalized.

Mengyin County, Shandong Province

Liu Shaoming, the principal of the Beimozhuang Village Elementary School, in Shanghe Village, Jiuzhai Township, Mengyin County, broadcast materials defaming Falun Dafa at school and forced innocent school children to sign their names to oppose Falun Dafa. He was injured in a car accident recently.

Gong Tongliang, Party Secretary of Jiuzhai Township, Mengyin County, forced practitioners to be brainwashed in September 2000. He was subsequently beaten up by villagers while he was trying to handle a civil dispute. He hasn't been seen since.

Jia Jun, Party Secretary of Longwangyudadui Village, Jiuzhai Township, defamed Falun Dafa and the Teacher using vicious words. In September 2001, he was hit by a tractor loaded with bricks while driving a motorcycle with his wife and child. The whole family was hospitalized. One of them had a fractured bone. Details of others' injuries are not available. The whole family had to pay for his wrongdoing.

Li Yincai, from Shanghe Village, Jiuzhai Township, Mengyin County, an employee of the local police station, participated in the brutal persecution of practitioners. He had a car accident in October 2001, and suffered a bone fracture.

Pulandian City, Liaoning Province

Zhang Yihui, the person on the local police force who was primarily responsible for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in Pulandian City, Liaoning Province, had a car accident. His luxurious car was totaled and he was injured severely. What was reported on Clearwisdom Net about a practitioner in Pulandian being threatened by a policeman who fired his gun was done by one of Zhang's subordinates.

Zhang's receiving retribution is a merciful act of the Gods. If he and people like him can learn from their mistakes and subsequently treat Falun Dafa with kindness, they may also have a bright future. Please choose kindness for the sake of yourself and your family.