(Clearwisdom.net) Having read Teacher's article "Also in a Few Words," I had the question, "Why do we have to disintegrate those living beings' unrighteous thoughts? They created them, so they should get rid of them by themselves. Why should we do it? If we eliminate all of their bad thoughts, then is there any need for them to cultivate?"

One day, I suddenly came to understand. The problem was that I had been wandering within the selfish framework of personal cultivation. The old forces imposed those deviated thoughts upon human beings which we were not supposed to have. One is a real human without these warped thoughts. As long as we clear away the deviated thoughts which humans are not supposed to have, people will have their true human nature and normal human thinking.

In order to persecute Dafa and all beings, the old forces made systematic arrangements, including all the deviated thoughts that humans have today. In order to effortlessly brainwash practitioners, they arranged these warped thoughts for them. Did not every practitioner who entered the wrong path do so because his or her main consciousness was unclear, and unable to distinguish between righteousness and evil? The old forces also systematically corrupted mankind. Today's humans do not have righteous thoughts, kind hearts, a sense of justice or conscience; they are selfish, irresponsible, afraid of governmental power, etc. This corruption has made many people unable to understand Dafa, not believe there are good people, not believe justice can defeat evil; and even oppose Dafa, damage Dafa, and team up with evil.

We cannot accept any of these things and we must eliminate all of them. Without these deviated thoughts, people will not participate in opposing or damaging Dafa. Without these warped thoughts, Dafa disciples will be incomparably firm. Therefore, eliminating the deviated thoughts of all living beings is saving and being compassionate to them. We can achieve this through our clarifying the truth and sending forth righteous thoughts.