Case 1. One day, an old woman who does not practice Falun Dafa, but whose sister is a practitioner, went to her sister's home. When she saw several practitioners making Falun emblems to be used in truth-clarifying materials, she asked, "Can I help you?" The practitioners were very glad. But she then said that her eyesight was dim, and she was afraid that she couldn't do it well, so she had to do it slowly. The practitioners said it didn't matter. Just a few minutes later, she cried, pleasantly surprised, "My eyesight is not dim any more. I can see everything clearly! I will read Falun Dafa books when I go home."

Case 2. A homeless practitioner went to her aunt's home to clarify the truth, and all three members of the family changed their opinions toward Dafa. The aunt was 74 years old, with leg illness for many years. She couldn't walk with agility, and always felt tired when she went upstairs. On the fifth day, the aunt asked the practitioner, mysteriously, "Would your practice of Dafa have any effect on me?" The practitioner then asked what had happened to her. The aunt explained with a smile that her legs were fine now, and when she went upstairs, she no longer felt tired. The practitioner told her that this was the mighty power of Dafa. Before she left, the aunt said to her, with tears in her eyes, "If you have no place to stay, please just come back. I'm not afraid of getting in trouble. This time, I've learned that Dafa is good and that all the practitioners are kind people."