Our computer broke down today, and we could not find a technical problem. We quickly realized that this was interference and disruption from the old evil forces against our Fa-rectification. Having established this, the next question was how we were going to solve the problem and break through this interference.

First, we examined ourselves and discovered some shortcomings. For example, we were not careful enough when using the computer and developed an attachment to receiving e-mail messages. Ignoring these minor problems meant that eventually these loopholes would be taken advantage of by the evil. However, no matter what attachments we have, we must never allow the evil to make use of them to damage the process of Fa-rectification.

One of the practitioners wanted to send the computer for repair and believed that even though we addressed our own loopholes, we still needed to follow everyday people's way of solving such a technical problem. Repairing the computer itself on the surface was also denying a fraction of the old evil force's arrangements. He thought that it was quite simple. If there was a problem, then it should be fixed, end of story.

Most fellow practitioners did not agree with his view and thought that this view lacked the appropriate degree of righteous faith in Dafa. At present, we are in the last moments of Fa-rectification, and what we wanted to do now and what had happened was by no means accidental. We wondered if we totally believed in the Fa's power and held the belief that the Fa controls everything. If we are always holding on to human notions, we cannot achieve a truly and pure righteous faith.

Teacher says: "If one cannot overcome them, it is actually that he cannot give up the attachments or does not believe in the Fa. In most cases, it is because one cannot give up one or another attachment. His failure is all due to his inability to give up the attachments. Because he cannot back that one human step, he is not able to overcome them." (Lecture in Sydney)

We further realized that the power of righteous faith does not have or need to have anything to back it up. We do not pursue any results, nor do we want to reinforce the righteous faith for a result. Never should we waver based on the outcome of a success or failure.

At this point, one practitioner proposed to send forth righteous thoughts, and everybody felt good and righteous about it afterwards. One practitioner said, "When I was sending forth righteous thoughts, in the beginning, I was eliminating the factors that caused the breakdown of our computer, but soon I came to understand that I was rectifying the Fa, and we were rectifying all things that were not right."

Shortly after, a practitioner turned on the computer and to his surprise found that it was operational again. One practitioner thought that maybe the computer did not have a problem in the first place. Perhaps it was not plugged in properly, and sending forth righteous thoughts was not the reason it was working again.

However, most of the practitioners felt that this train of thought resulted from not having a complete or firm faith in Dafa and was caused by his own doubts. Then thought karma would interfere, and outside interference would take whatever chance it could to destroy and to disrupt one's faith. In fact, this can be seen as another test after a victory.

After this experience, we have summarized some experiences and lessons:

  1. Every practitioner should think about the group as a whole, so that we can improve together.
  2. Real faith will not result in zealotry stemming from a pleasant surprise, because in Dafa, everything is natural.