(Clearwisdom.net) During the period around "October 1" [China's] National Independence Day, the evil forces in Mengyin County led by Li Zhiye and Lei Yancheng, enthusiastically followed the scoundrel, criminal regime of Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan. They intensified the persecution towards Dafa practitioners around the entire county and also stirred up another wave of persecution.

On September 29 at midnight, instigated by Li Zhiye, seven or eight policemen illegally broke into the homes of Teng Defang and Teng Derong to arrest the two brothers. These two practitioners are destitute and wandering around because they were illegally listed as wanted by the evils. Before this incident, the vicious police had illegally intruded into their homes many times to harass them, causing their family members to be unable to lead a normal life.When they couldn't find them at home, they arbitrarily ransacked the place without any legal procedure, took Dafa materials away, and illegally abducted Teng Defang's wife, Lei Yanling. They took her to the detention center and then sent her to a brainwashing class.

At the same time, on September 29, 2001 at midnight, the police in Mengyin County climbed over the wall and entered the home of Sun Peihong. As no one was at home, they ransacked his house like bandits. Sun Peihong and his wife have been forced to become destitute and have been wandering around since July 2001. The vicious police arrested his wife, Liu Zailian, in August when she went home to pick up something. She has been illegally detained in the brainwashing class ever since. Now their twelve-year-old child is left at home without anyone to take care of him (/her).

Dafa practitioner Sun Shengjun of the Shuangxing shoe store in Mengyin County was forcefully taken to a brainwashing class to be tortured.

Three practitioners from Taoxu Town and DuoZhuan Town of Mengyin County had been forced to become destitute and homeless. They were arrested when they went home on October 1 at noon. It was also the mid-autumn festival [A traditional Chinese family reunion holiday].

Before October 1, a vile person at the village government of Jiuzhai village in Mengyin County forced Dafa practitioners in the entire village to sign the so-called "Guarantee note." Regardless of whether or not one has gone to Beijing, or whether one has been clarifying the truth, as long as one has practiced Dafa before, he or she will not be let off. Some practitioners were not home; they thus forced the family members or village committee members to sign on the practitioners' behalf. Because practitioners Zhao Yuying and others did not cooperate with the evil's request and orders, they were kidnapped and sent to Mengyin County's brainwashing class.

Until now, in Tanbu town of Mengyin County, they are still forcing several practitioners to report to the town government office at specified times.

Here, we sternly warn those people like Zhiye Li and Yancheng Lei who follow the criminal regime of Jiang and Luo: Stop assisting the evil to commit crimes. Persecuting other people is persecuting yourself. It is the principle of heaven that "Good is rewarded with good, and evil is met with evil."