To prevent Dafa practitioners from asserting their rights to appeal during the October National Day, police officers from various regions started a large-scale round-up and arrest of all Dafa practitioners before the National Day.

A certain city in the north of China started planning such a criminal operation two months before the National Day. This was unprecedented. Their plot was to arrest all the Dafa practitioners before September 5, and lock them up away from the city under high security. Family members would be denied visitation.

To entrap Dafa practitioners, they would resort to using whatever disgraceful means they could come up with. For example, they announced that a certain chemical factory had been robbed of a large quantity of Caustic Soda and required that all practitioners report to their local police stations to have their finger-prints taken (a similar tactic had been used by another province in the past.) By using their wisdom, practitioners easily counteracted these tricks.

A certain practitioner was suspected of being the main source of Dafa materials. The police put her under surveillance around the clock with police cars surrounding her house. In order to catch her in the act, the moment they spotted her leaving the house, the plain-clothes police would trail her from behind. Even with residents noticing, they openly talked with each other over the mobile radio: "Attention, she is now heading south..." The Dafa practitioner was calm and relaxed however, sometimes even deliberately walking in front of them, laughing at their childish tricks. Whenever she wanted to do something special, she would send forth righteous thoughts beforehand and the police would not be able to see her passing by them. Once, she left home and went around promoting Dafa for the whole day unnoticed. On returning home, she walked past a policeman who said, "Why didn't I see her leave?" Twenty-four days passed, and a great deal of manpower and money were expended trying to apprehend practitioners delivering Dafa materials, yet they had netted nothing and had to call off their operation.

As Dafa practitioners communicate with each other regularly, and peruse articles on Clearwisdom.net, their understanding of the Fa has improved rapidly. After these two stormy years, most Dafa practitioners can now counteract evil with ease using righteous thoughts. During this latest operation of terror, lots of moving stories have been reported.

There was an incident where a Dafa practitioner came face to face with an evil policeman who had come to apprehend her. The practitioner was calm and unperturbed. She questioned the policeman about the reason for her arrest. Since there was no legitimate reason, the arrest could only be considered a kidnapping. During the exchange, she explained the whole situation to the people around. As this practitioner carried a very strong righteous mind, and there were many onlookers, the police dared not forcibly arrest her. When she finished talking, she walked back home upstairs. One police officer was unwilling to give up and went after her. She turned around, looked him in the eye and said, "What are you trying to do? Push me downstairs and then report that I committed suicide, just like the recent made-up incidents on television?" Noticing that he was now alone by himself, the police officer quickly turned around and retreated.

While being apprehended, another Dafa practitioner asked for the charge. The leader of the police said, "Why ask me? Your name was given to us by your superior." The practitioner said, "In that case, I will go and talk to my boss in the Education Department." One policeman pretended to be nice and offered her a lift. The practitioner said, "No thanks, I would rather walk. Who knows where you will take me!" She proceeded to walk towards the office with the police car following her all the way. At the Education Department, she gave a detailed account of her practice experience and the amazing changes she had gone through. As she had left no loopholes for them to take advantage of, the police could only say as they left the office, "All right then, but make sure you watch her carefully. If anything should happen on National Day, you people will be responsible."

Another group of police came and knocked on an elderly practitioner's door. Putting on a pretentious smile, one of them said, "You are a veteran teacher in this town; since it is the National Day the town has decided to offer you a free medical checkup. Come, let us go." The teacher did not want to expose their wicked intentions right away. Instead, he invited them to sit down and started to chat with them about what had happened during the cultural revolution, then went on depicting his understanding and personal development before and after learning Falun Dafa. He kept talking for several hours, until five in the afternoon. His talk was so touching that he moved the police and the neighbors who had gathered around to listen, to tears. Without prompting, the officers revealed their purpose for coming. One of them, who had a good cry twice, swore that he would never again apprehend another practitioner or take him to a brainwashing class.

A lot of Dafa literature has ended up in the police's hands. Many of the policemen who have read the materials begin to view the practitioners differently. There are also more and more officers who have suffered retribution for their parts in the persecution of Dafa; these officers no longer want to be involved in the persecution. They now only pay lip service to orders from above for the arrest of practitioners.

One policeman called up a practitioner asking him to come to the station. The practitioner flatly refused. So the police officer said he would go to his house instead. The practitioner said he would wait for him downstairs. When the officer arrived, he simply told the practitioner to practice at home, and left.

Another police officer said to a practitioner quietly after arriving at the practitioner's door, "We all know what the persecution is about. I have not enrolled you in this coming brainwashing class. Good luck with your practice at home." He then left.

So by mid September, very few practitioners were arrested, despite the government's monumental efforts. For example, only 10 practitioners were arrested from a certain district. They took them to a remote country place and formally declared the commencement of the brainwashing class. Knowing that Dafa is solemn, the ten practitioners were in no haste to start their normal Fa promotion. Instead, they all sat quietly, and steadfastly sent forth righteous thoughts. Somehow, the instructor conducting the brainwashing class just could not get started. His hands were shaking and unable to open the book, despite prodding from the police. When he finally opened one of the books and read out the text, the content was all about how corrupt the present XX party is. The police tried to signal him to change the passage, but he continued, oblivious. In the end, the irate police just interrupted the session and started to question the instructor. Unsure as to what had happened and why it happened, but annoyed by the incessant questioning, the instructor exploded, "If you think you can do better, go ahead and take over!" He then left.

To ease the tension, the co-workers from the district who had come along said, "Why don't we take these practitioners to pick mushrooms instead." The police were stunned. They said they brought the practitioners here to be brainwashed, not to have a holiday. The co-workers asked, "What are you going to do then; who among you can take over the instruction?" The police looked at each other for half a day; no one had the courage to take over the instructor's role. It ended up a relaxing session of mushroom picking for the practitioners instead. All the practitioners were greatly moved by what had transpired. They became more aware of the power of righteous thoughts, and through further exchange of ideas, not only did the practitioners realize the importance of not cooperating with the evil, but also they realized the need to reverse the situation by actively controlling it, rather than passively enduring it.

On returning to the lecture room, the practitioners took the initiative and started introducing the Fa to the police officers. They explained to them the characteristics of the universe: Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance. According to their level of acceptance, they told the officers about the heavenly principle of reward and retribution. As for those officers who refused to accept, they simply told them in an upright manner "You have no right to talk with us. You are just devils from hell, awaiting your turn to be eliminated."

Unaware of what was going on, every second day, the regional office continued to send in relief officers. The Dafa practitioners were happy to welcome the batches of "new students" while seeing the "graduated" officers off. So, even before the end of September, the police themselves could not stand it any longer. Those who did not want to stay had decided to end the brainwashing class early, on September 30, ten days before the originally scheduled date of October 10. On that day, the regional office co-incidentally sent over several newly arrested practitioners to the brainwashing class, just as the original practitioners were leaving. No sooner had they arrived, than they were sent back to town.

Thus on September 30, the Dafa practitioners rejoined the torrent of Fa rectification. On the morning of October 1, Dafa materials again appeared all over the city.