October 1, 2001

(Clearwisdom.net) Master said: "Consummation is the conclusion of a Dafa disciple's cultivation, while Fa-rectification is a Dafa disciple's mission." ("What Are Supernormal Abilities") I am a particle of Dafa, and I should assist Master in Fa-rectification to fulfill the sacred promise I made in a remote time.

Once, I went to the city to put up posters proclaiming "Falun Dafa Is Good," and was arrested by police security guards. They started an illegal interrogation at 8:00 a.m. At that time, I realized according to the Fa, "No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil's demands, orders, or what it instigates." In the beginning, those at the police station asked me questions, and my answers got them nowhere. Later on, two "experts" appeared. They were from the vice squad of the branch office of the Public Security Bureau. They tried every means to force me to tell them my name and address and the source of the materials. They yelled, struck the desk, buffeted my head back and forth and knocked it against the wall, kicked my feet, struck my belly with their knees, beat the back of my head and yelled, "We would have beaten you to death were there no discipline [saying we cannot beat people to death so casually]!"

In front of their real malice I stuck to my belief in Dafa, and I was not scared. I said calmly, "I did not do anything wrong. You should not treat me like this." The heartless police said, with feigned kindness, "You should then leave your name for doing good things." I said: "We Falun Gong practitioners do not even leave our names for doing good things. In fact, what we are doing is for others and to save people. But you do not understand now. People in the future will know. The fundamental difference between Dafa practitioners and ordinary people is that ordinary people do everything for themselves, but we Dafa practitioners do things for others." The relentless police then begged me, "Then you should think of us. If you do not tell us your name and address, how can we report to our chief when we go back? If you do not want to tell us your address, you can just tell us your name." I thought, "I should not lower my guard, and I should definitely not please them!" When they treated me hypocritically, I remembered what Master said, "Why did they ignore you before you learned Dafa? Why have they become so concerned about you after you have learned Dafa?" ("Determination and Solidity") The basic purpose of the vicious force is to damage Dafa. Following the malicious police is to give in and go on the demonic path. Therefore, from morning to night, there was not one word recorded in their notes.

They were annoyed and furious and started yelling at me. I recited quietly in my heart, "Eliminate the viciousness. Suffocate the viciousness." As soon as I began reciting, the anger of the policemen gradually diminished. I knew this was the power of Dafa. The second day they wanted to get my fingerprints. I resolutely refused.

Later, I was sent to a detention center. They wanted to lock me up indefinitely. I thought that I should not let them do it and started a hunger strike. The fifth day the prisoners started force-feeding me, and they were able to make it for the first three times. The fourth time I made up my mind to resist the persecution and asked for an unconditional release. Sure enough, they were then not able to force-feed me. Annoyed, they slapped my face twice.

During the thirty-five days of my hunger strike, human thoughts kept coming up. I wanted to eat when seeing delicious food, and I wanted to drink when seeing water. I did not want to suffer hardships. Each time I suffered, I remembered what Master said, "Forbear hardships, wholeheartedly strive upward, discard attachments." (Hongyin, "Climbing the Tai Mountains") I then realized that I had to leave the detention center. I had to give up the attachment to water, bear the hardships and give up the attachment to life! During the last ten days, I neither ate nor drank. The last day when the doctor came, he could find neither my pulse nor blood pressure. My life was in danger, and I breathed feebly. Only then did they release me.

I was incarcerated in the detention center for a total of thirty-five days. After I came home, the police still did not leave me alone. On the 11th day after my release, before I had recovered, they came to my home and asked me to hand over 10,000 Yuan. If I did not hand over the money, they would arrest me again. How cruel they were! The police who are supposed to enforce law are those who break the law. They treated me so badly. I could neither stay at home nor go to work.