(Clearwisdom.net ) There are many Falun Dafa practitioners in Heizuizi Female Labor Camp who have been illegally detained for extended terms because they do not disavow their beliefs in Dafa and do not write letters saying they will give up their practice of Falun Gong. To torture the practitioners, labor camp police force them to work long hours, deny them adequate amounts of food, deprive them of sleep for several days, take turns to brainwash them, and put them in solitary confinement.

In league No. 1 a practitioner was forced to stand for seven days and was not allowed to sleep because she did not bow to the evil. The traitors [persons who have practiced Dafa but have given it up due to police pressure and now are hostile toward other practitioners] would poke her or pinch her as soon as they found she was getting sleepy.

Jin Min of league No. 4 is steadfast and indomitable even though she has been detained and tortured for about one year. The police still torture her. In the bitter winter cold, police took Jin Min to the hallway and brainwashed her for ten-days around the clock. She had to squat at the end of the hallway wearing an overcoat. The police took turns every two hours trying to brainwash her. Even though she was not allowed to sleep for ten days she remained steadfast and did not write the letter vowing to give up Falun Gong. She triumphed over the evil with her indestructible will.

Liu Jihui is a practitioner in league No. 6. She did not write the letter disavowing Falun Gong. All the police in the league took turns torturing her. Guard Sun Mingyan slapped her face repeatedly, dragged her to a solitary compartment, and then used an electric baton to shock her with increasingly higher electric current levels. However, they thought that this torture was still not enough. Zhu Dan, the leader of the league, used a leather strip with a metal head to whip her. She whipped Liu Jihui for a couple of hours until her head was bleeding. As a result of whipping the back of Liu's head, beside her ear there was an opening of 10 centimeters that was treated with 5 stitches. Liu kept shouting, "Falun Dafa is good." and "Evil people are persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners." The torturers cuffed Liu's hands and legs and used tape to seal her mouth to prevent her from shouting. They did not allow Liu to eat but force-fed her. After torturing her like this for nine days, police said, "If she doesn't disavow Falun Gong, she must have a mental problem." They then sent Liu to a hospital for further persecution.

Ma Xiaoyan is a practitioner from Jilin Province. She was able to run away on the way to the hospital but was caught again by guards. The guards beat her cruelly and during her torture the sounds of sticks beating, electric batons buzzing and human cries resounded from her cell. She was trembling and looked pale as a result of the torture. Police confined her in a solitary compartment and forced her to give up Falun Gong. Traitors were divided into groups and were sent to brainwash her day and night, not allowing her to sleep. Ma Xiaoyan was tortured to the point of heart failure. The perpetrators had to send her home. Among those who tortured Ma were: Zhang Tao, Zhang Xiaohui, Yu Lina, and others.

In leagues No. 1 and No. 7, there was a pair of twin sisters who were 16 years old, Liu Lulu and Liu Wenwen. They went to Beijing to validate Dafa three times and were detained in the labor camp. A 69-year-old elderly woman, Xue Guizhen, was detained in league No. 5. Evil people's persecution of Dafa practitioners has been totally inhuman.