One time when we were sharing experiences, a fellow practitioner talked about his understanding of righteous thoughts. He said something that shocked me. He said, "Good people should not be arrested." Yes, good people should not be arrested. It sounds very simple, yet this is a heavenly principle and an embodiment of Dafa in the human world. Good people should not be arrested, and those evil beings at low levels are not worthy of persecuting divine beings. No one is worthy of testing the Fa. This is a heavenly principle that cannot be changed. Currently, the evil is damaging all of these principles, and people in the world, with their degenerate notions, are helping the evil.

"A Dafa disciple completely opposes everything arranged by the evil old forces." (From Teacher's article "Dafa is Indestructible") When we can clearly discern this kind of evil and oppose it, knowing that they are damaging the heavenly principles and damaging the principles that Dafa created in different levels, we should know that our mission here is to protect the Fa. What we are protecting are the heavenly principles so that they are not altered in any way. We are preventing beings that are not righteous from damaging them. When righteous thoughts appear in our minds, all of our powers, our powerful true natures, and the parts of us that have been fully cultivated can rectify all that is not righteous, since they will have the Fa's power to repress evil, eliminate disorder, harmonize everything, and remain invincible. If we can truly live up to the words "completely oppose everything arranged by the evil old forces" at every turn, evil will melt the moment it touches us, let alone hurt us. This is the power of Dafa.

However, for the past several thousand years, we have been accepting the degenerate thoughts imposed on us by the old forces. As a result, sometimes it's very hard to "completely oppose." Take the mentality of fear when we do Fa-rectification things as an example. We know we are good people, but whenever we were doing Fa- rectification things, we were thinking that we could get arrested. Isn't this approving everything that the old forces have arranged for us? So, we have to dig out our degenerate thoughts and not be driven by them when we eliminate the evil. The evil is exactly utilizing the degenerate thoughts in our minds to obstruct Fa rectification and destroy all sentient beings. When our attachment of fear arises, the degenerate beings "Imagination" and "Fear" immediately create an image in our minds that we are about to be arrested, making us fear more and thus unable to step forward, or delay some important Fa-rectification work. It can even get us arrested because we attract the bad results. Our unrighteous thoughts can attract evil. If we can discern our own degenerate thoughts and eliminate them, then the evil environment outside cannot move us. We will not be trapped by the illusion on the surface, and we will be able to set our minds on the Fa. "Just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations." (From Teacher's article " Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)")

I remember that around July 20, 1999, many practitioners went to Beijing and decided to stay in Beijing. Since in Beijing they had no place to stay, they went through the hardships of being homeless. Many miracles happened to a female practitioner among them.

One time, the female practitioner stayed under a bridge with many other practitioners overnight. Some wicked police suddenly arrived in the middle of the night. The practitioners scattered and ran in all directions. The female practitioner thought: why should I run away? I will just sit here meditating. She sat down, crossed her legs, and started to meditate. The police never saw her; they were all busy trying to arrest other practitioners. Finally, the female practitioner left safely. On another night, she and several other practitioners had no place to stay again. They discussed among themselves and decided to go to Tiananmen Square to meditate for the night. So they went to the Square. At that time, Tiananmen Square was ruled by terror, as the police were watching for practitioners 24 hours a day and arresting practitioners everywhere. However, although some policemen shined flashlights on their faces, they never saw the group of practitioners sitting there.

"...just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations. If you are not afraid, the factor that would make you afraid will become non-existent." ("Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)") Dafa governs everything. The evil is nothing. It is our fear that takes the evil seriously, fosters the evil demons and indulges them.

We should believe in the power of our righteous thoughts, because that is Fa. The purer our minds become, with less and less degenerate thoughts, the greater the power of our righteous thoughts will be. If we can live up to the standard as a whole, then we can destroy all the evil. Before, I was always thinking of Teacher's protection. Suddenly the situation changed dramatically, and many practitioners were arrested and beaten. I started to have doubts of Teacher's protection. Recently, I came to understand the following: Teacher is protecting those righteous beings, protecting those beings that do not cooperate with the evil, beings that dare to eliminate the evil and protect Dafa with their own lives, beings that oppose all the arrangements of the old forces. When our minds are filled with degenerate thoughts, and we are acknowledging the evil and thinking that they are good, thinking that their arrangements were Teacher's arrangements, and enlightening along an evil path, how can Teacher protect all these evil things? Teacher is protecting Dafa outside the cosmos, not letting the Fa go astray, and protecting the righteous elements in the cosmos macroscopically. When we send forth righteous thoughts that are completely free of any degeneration and completely oppose all the evil, then we actually dissolve ourselves into all the righteous forces of the cosmos. Then we will be under Teacher's protection and arrangement. Anything that is not righteous would not dare to appear and exist in our dimensional field.

By giving us the Fa-rectification verse, Teacher has given us unlimited righteous power. When our human side completely opposes all the arrangements of the evil forces, and when we recite the verse and join our mind and body together, then we become divine beings with incomparable mighty power in the new cosmos and we can rectify all the degeneration and eliminate all the evil. No evil can damage us, since the Fa does not allow it.

Everything in our lives is created by Dafa: our true nature, the part of us that has been fully cultivated, and every thought. Every part of us must meet the requirement of Fa. All the thoughts that do not meet the standards of Fa are not ours. They are from thought karma or are controlled by evil beings. Everything that does not conform to the state of a divine being has to be eliminated. We must clearly distinguish ourselves from those degenerate things. Because we are particles of Dafa, we are genuine and righteous divine beings.

These are only my personal understandings of cultivation in the Fa rectification period. I have shared them so that we can improve together. Fellow practitioners' compassionate correction is very welcome.