(Clearwisdom.net) The law in China has been trampled on. The decision to ban Falun Gong made on July 20, 1999, by the Public Security Ministry and the Civil Administrative Ministry is in violation of China's Constitution. For the two years since the ban's inception, all the legal regulations made with regard to Falun Gong are not in harmony with the law. When talking about legal issues, the person in charge of the Shijingshan 6-10 Office (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.) spoke without reservation: "Jiang Zemin does not care about the law!"

The officials in Beijing's 6-10 Office follow Jiang's criminal regime. Since the beginning of this year, the 6-10 Office in Shijingshan district and the Capital Steel Co. acted in collusion with each other to kidnap Dafa practitioners and have them brainwashed. The brainwashing is 15 days per class. For every class, each of the practitioners is charged 5,000 Yuan. The corrupt officials utilize this opportunity to make money.

Under the persecution, many Dafa practitioners were forced to leave home and become destitute. Brainwashing classes are held continuously for those refusing to give up their belief in Dafa. Those who refuse to be 'transformed' will be sent directly to a labor camp. For example, Chen Jing, a practitioner from Laoshan, has been locked up in Beijing's Daxing Labor Camp.

When they failed to capture Dafa practitioners, the 6-10 Office at The Capital Steel Co. again brainwashed those practitioners who said that they would not practice any more after July 20, 1999, and asked them to declare their position again. The 6-10 Office at the Capital Steel Co. committed monstrous crimes in persecuting Dafa practitioners and destroying sentient beings when they collected the so-called ten thousand signatures and held the brainwashing classes.

In order to arrest Dafa practitioners who had become destitute and homeless due to the persecution against them, the 6-10 Office at Shijingshan incited the public security department, the practitioners' workplaces and the residential street officials to constantly harass Dafa practitioners' families, relatives and good friends. Especially during the "National Day" period, they cared nothing about the time and situation and illegally broke into Dafa practitioners' houses and their friends' houses to arrest practitioners. This caused Dafa practitioners' families to suffer terribly.

They also harass Dafa practitioners' relatives who live in other places, adding to their burdens.

They even prevent Dafa practitioners' children from going to school, which disturbs their development and progress.

What's even worse, the public security officials go to Dafa practitioners' workplaces. They force the workplaces to stop paying them their retirement salary. They are following Jiang's call to "defame Dafa practitioners' reputations completely, remove their financial means, and fatigue them physically" in persecuting Dafa practitioners.

For the past two years, a Dafa practitioner has been illegally locked up. There has been no subpoena issued. One time, when a practitioner pointed out their illegal actions, an official said: "You do not come from the U.S. That is the way that the XX [party name omitted] party is." A leader said: "We will listen to whoever pays our salary." On May 11, Ge Xiugeng from Shijingshan went to talk with a Dafa practitioner. When they talked about Falun Gong, the person in charge of the local 6-10 Office finally told the truth: "Jiang Zemin does not care about the law."

This is what Jiang and Luo's criminal regime calls the "Best Human Rights Period in China's History."

Recently, the practitioners who have been arrested and sentenced are:

Chen Jing, female, was sentenced to labor camp.

Jiang Ruilian, female, arrested in distributing truth-clarifying CDs, has been sentenced.

Ge Wencheng, male, was cruelly tortured into vomiting spittle for refusing to co-operate .

Zheng Jufang, female, was arrested when distributing truth-clarifying materials.

There are also two practitioners who were arrested from Changchun and sent back to Gucheng. Another one was arrested from Yunnan and sent back to Gucheng. They were all severely tortured by the public security officials.

The above is only part of the information that was obtained. More of the crimes committed by the 6-10 are being investigated and sorted out. The heavenly principles are important. Good is rewarded with good, and evil is met with evil.

We want to offer a piece of advice to all the public security officials and other working staff: Please wake up immediately. Why should you use your own lives to prove this heavenly principal? Good will be rewarded with good, and evil will be met with evil. The heavenly principles can never be overturned. When the truth is revealed, all the crimes that you have committed in ignorance in persecuting Dafa practitioners will have to be paid back by yourselves. It is the right time for you to decide what your own fate will be. The list of officials:
Person in charge of the 6-10 Office in Shijingshan: Ge Xiugeng
Telephone number for the Shijingshan district government: 011-86-10-68873631
Add: No.35 Shijingshan road, Shijingshan district, Beijing
Postcode: 100041
Person in charge of the 6-10 Office in the Capital Steel Co.: Tian (director)
Secretary General of the Party at the Capital Steel Co.: Luo Binsheng
General Manager: Bi Qun
Tel: 011-86-10-68292276, 68292055
Add: Shijingshan road, Shijingshan district, Beijing,
The Capital Steel Co.
Postcode: 100041