(Clearwisdom.Net) It has been disclosed by a Falun Dafa practitioner who was tortured while detained in the Wanjia Labor Camp [Note: a women's labor camp whose horrific crimes against Female Falun Gong practitioners were previously reported on Clearwisdom.net] that since December 14, 1999, until the present time, there are at least 600 Female Falun Dafa practitioners illegally detained in the 7th Team and 12th Team of the Wanjia Labor Re-Education Hospital and a few male prisoner's teams. These detained Female Falun Dafa practitioners have suffered inhuman "administrative" torture. Since Falun Dafa practitioners are often isolated, their situations are hard to report. Consequently, this limits what the public knows about the cruelly injured practitioners in the Labor Camp.

According to internal personnel, the women who were kidnapped and brought to the Labor Camp before March 2000 have been sleeping on wet straw mattresses and wood boards pulled out from a snowdrift. Some have even been deprived of their right to sleep. Some practitioners had to sleep on the bricks of the floor. Those female practitioners who insisted on continuing their practice were locked into empty classrooms. The leading practitioners who refused to cooperate with corrupt officials were gathered from different classes into one class named the "strictly managed class."

Since December 1999, Wanjia Labor Camp combined mental and physical torture to persecute female Falun Dafa practitioners. They extended sentences, hung, beat, locked into small cells, deprived sleep, forced them to work and used other physical punishments and inhuman behavior to torture Falun Dafa practitioners at will. The camp guards implemented a 24-hour monitoring of practitioners. As long as they continued to practice Falun Gong, the guards would oppress them in various ways.

The female practitioners said that in this harsh environment, their bodies had been severely harmed. Almost all the practitioners have scabies on their bodies. On October 1st of this year, the 168 female practitioners in the 7th Team have all acquired scabies to some degree. Some practitioners were too itchy to sleep for a single minute at night. Some female practitioners' skin had festered massively and become like old tree bark full of scars that one could not bear to look at. Under these conditions, practitioners remained firm, unyielding and faithful.

Up to now the following is the list of female practitioners who have been detained for over two years: Cui Shuxiang (from Mudanjiang City,) Sun Jinkui (from Jixi City,) Han Shaoqin (transferred from 3th Jail;) and the practitioners who have been detained for over 20 months: Zuo Xiuyun(from Jiamusi City, was a physician,) Wang Fang(from Mudanjiang City,) Yang Xiuli(from Daqing City,) Chen Yali, Gao Shuyan (from Harbin City;) the practitioners who have been detained for over 16 months: Xu Lihua (from Shuangcheng City.)

We ask all kindhearted people to give us a hand and help rescue these female practitioners to be free as early as possible.