1. Gansu Province Wicked Police Suffer Retribution

Fan Chunlin, deputy chief of Xifeng City People's Court Police Brigade in Qingyang Area, Gansu Province, is a wicked individual who persecuted Dafa practitioners. He was among the most active in persecuting and torturing practitioners, and committed countless crimes. Fan's unforgivable crime infuriated both mankind and gods. He was recently struck with retribution.

On the morning of September 6, 2001, Fan Chunlin, with other court personnel, was on an official duty. Because of his barbaric way of law-enforcement, the other party was upset, and a fight broke out. The father of the other party hit Fan's head with a sharp object. Fan was killed instantly. He was 39 years old.

We ask those evil policemen and wicked government officials who are still waving electric batons and persecuting Dafa practitioners to do themselves a favor and control their actions. Do not get the wrong idea that decent people are easily taken advantage of. It is against the universal doctrine to arbitrarily distort and trample human laws.

2. Evil Individuals Receive Retribution in Yun County, Hubei Province

Wang Xiangong, the chief of the political security section of Yun County Police Department, demands money from practitioners' family members, viciously tortures Dafa practitioners, and slanders Dafa and Master. He currently has kidney stone symptoms, and is suffering from unbearable pain. But Wang is still marching in the wrong direction. He has been selected as Provincial Model for doing well in persecuting Dafa. But he does not realize that this is actually a criminal record that he could never get rid of.

Shang Zhengquan, former political security chief of Yun County Police Department, the current Party Secretary of Disciplinary Inspection Committee of the police department, and member of the county "610" office, (telephone: 86-719-7230799), swindles money from practitioners' family members, persecutes practitioners, cheats, deceives and forces practitioners to give up practicing "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance." He is now suffering from fatty liver, cholecystitis [gall bladder disease], stomachache, hepatitis and other diseases. No visible improvement was observed since he has been hospitalized to receive treatment.