The 2001 Korean Fa Rectification Experience Sharing Conference was held in Olympic Park in Seoul from September 15 to 16, with more than 300 Korean practitioners attending. It is the first large scale Fa-study and Fa-spreading activity to be held in South Korea.

It is also the first time to share experiences and exchange ideas with over 30 Taiwanese practitioners.

In the experience sharing conference, the practitioners were divided into 11 groups with Taiwanese practitioners distributed into each group. They shared their ideas around 11 topics including: how to understand cultivation during the Fa rectification period, how to be a Dafa particle in the process, and how to advance toward consummation by cultivating during the Fa rectification period.

At 1pm on September 16, practitioners held group practice and a picture exhibition, which drew many people with predestined relationship to the site.

From 2pm to 4pm, the Experience Sharing Conference was held in Hall A of Olympic Park. Two Korean practitioners and 6 Taiwanese practitioners shared their experiences.

To further deepen the exchange of ideas, after the conference Taiwanese practitioners stayed one more day in Seoul.

In the evening of September 17, Taiwanese practitioners shared ideas with representatives of Seoul's Dafa assistance centers.

Group practice in Olympic Park

áááááááá The Experience sharing conference áááááááágroup photo

group discussion áááááááá Spreading the Fa áááááááá photo exhibition

Taiwanese Practitioner sending out righteous thoughts in airport