(Clearwisdom.net) I enlightened to what stepping out of humanness really means just now.

When coming upon conflicts and tribulations, and when coming upon everything I must deal with in life, do I measure everything with human notions or with Dafa's profound meaning that manifests at every level? Do I view everything from a human standpoint or from the standpoint of Dafa? These are the critical issues.

Master said in Zhuan Falun, "When a tribulation comes in cultivation practice, if you still treat yourself as an everyday person, I would say that your xinxing at that moment has dropped to the level of everyday people. At least on this particular issue, you have dropped to the level of everyday people. ...As true practitioners, we should look at issues from a very high level instead of from the perspective of everyday people." (Lecture Six)

At the level of Fa that I understand, I really know that if I have completed what I am supposed to do in each environment, I will then leave that environment naturally. At my xinxing [mind quality] level at the time, in my mind, there was no concept such as being inside or outside the prison, or being under the persecution or not. I just knew that I was doing what I was supposed to do, no matter what kind of environment I was in. Even though the actions I took looked different on the surface, in fact they were essentially all the same: spreading Dafa, and offering salvation to sentient beings.

My understanding gave me opportunities to frankly express the principles that I realized in Falun Dafa in front of the crowd, and so to validate Dafa as a Dafa practitioner. This itself was breaking the arrangements by the old forces. Master said, "Validating Dafa is truly glorious--it is to validate Dafa that you step forward. Since you step forward, you should try to succeed in validating the Fa--this is the real purpose of stepping forward." (Rationality)

When I obtained the understanding of Fa at a particular level, actually I had already dissolved into the Fa of that level. Then the corresponding mighty power of Buddha Fa at this level is manifested. When I was detained, I never needed to hongfa intentionally; people would come to ask me themselves. The jailer ordered many times, "no one is allowed to talk to Falun Gong practitioners," which sounded to me like someone raving.

During detention I also enlightened that Dafa harmonizes everything, and remains invincible. It has the power to turn any bad incident into a good thing. Whenever I encountered a "bad" thing, I would use this principle to which I had enlightened to turn it into something good. So my stay in the prison turned out to be a hongfa journey. I fulfilled many predestined relationships, and offered salvation to many sentient beings. Every act of persecution by the evil became a good opportunity for spreading Dafa.