When we have a feeling of being stuck in our cultivation, we should be alarmed. We should recognize the need to break through certain aspects of ourselves and rectify the situation as soon as possible.

We have to try our best to search inward for the cause of problems. Is it because it's time to improve our understanding of the Fa? Is it because our understanding of certain aspects of the Fa is incorrect? Is it because we cannot let go of our attachments? Is it because we haven't discovered problems in our notions? Or is it because our righteous thoughts were not strong enough when there was interference? ... After we find the causes of our lack of progress, we can break through them completely.

For instance, when it was time to send forth righteous thoughts, I found myself restless and unable to calm down. I discovered that I was being interfered with by beings formed by my own karma, ones who looked like me but were very ugly. I decided to resist and eliminate them, no matter what type of interference they were, by sending strong righteous thoughts because they represent filthy beings that should not exist in the universe.

What makes us feel reluctant and slow to act during the process of clarifying the truth? Is it caused by erroneous understandings of the Fa, or is it a display of attachments? Is it an attachment to fear or to sentiments? If these have become major obstacles for clarifying the truth, then we should break through them. We must diligently study the Fa to understand the inner meaning of "Truthfulness Compassion Forbearance" at different levels and let go of attachments with determination. Only then can we genuinely improve within the Fa.

True Dafa practitioners! We should not hold on to human things at different levels due to our poor understanding of the Fa; we must not be shackled by the various degenerate notions imposed by the old forces that weaken our strong determination; we must not indulge our own attachments that cultivate the soil for evil to take advantage of, to grow, or to hide; and we must not allow any unhealthy cultivation states to continue or exist because they will affect our diligence in cultivation.

True Dafa practitioners must be able to face themselves and break through themselves with firm righteous thoughts and a strong will. Every breakthrough is a battle in which good defeats evil. It is also a rejection and destruction of the arrangements made by old forces. Every breakthrough comes from stepping out of humanness, a choice made between Dafa and humanness. Being able to break through oneself represents an improvement based on Fa. It is a renewal of one's own life. In this manner, we will come closer and closer to "Truthfulness Compassion Forbearance." When we are able to break through ourselves step by step and transcend from humanness completely, we will be the pure and great enlightened beings in the future cosmos who are created by Dafa and emit the light of Truth.