October 11, 2001


Under the horrible persecution of the evil forces, many Dafa practitioners have disregarded their personal safety and have vigorously striven forward. When confronted with the choice between good and evil and life and death, they have forged great paths in the process of Fa-rectification.

I have noticed, however, that a few of these practitioners, when confronted with situations that need to be handled with caution and care, use the excuse that "if you are not afraid then Master Li will protect you." As a result, these practitioners have carelessly and forcefully done things at great risk. They felt that thinking about safety was a sign of fear, so they failed to use the righteous swords of rationality and wisdom to eradicate the evil, or to use the rays of the wisdom of Dafa disciples.

If we can truly let go of life and death and eliminate our fear, why can't we let go of the fear of being afraid? Master Li said in "Non Omission:" "Isn't abandonment without omission a higher sacrifice?" Performing based on emotion and without care will leave a loophole for the evil to bring a loss to Dafa.

Master Li has already described the Fa with respect to this in Zhuan Falun. For those who carry Zhuan Falun and step in front of moving cars, they harmed themselves because of their own actions. Can they demand that Master Li protect them? Is that the way we should protect the universe? Think calmly -- only those who can genuinely protect the Fa are truly mighty.

Master Li's article "Take the Middle Way," has a very deep and profound meaning. If one is too careful and thus delays things, he or she has gone to the extreme. When confronted with problems, the situation will be very complicated. Only when we are rational and without fear can we establish the most pure and mighty virtue--one without omission.

In the article "Rationality," Master Li said, "Validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom." I hope that practitioners who have eliminated fear will use the wisdom given to them by the Fa to become a Fa-protecting god with both wisdom and courage. May they truly take on the important task of protecting Dafa.

The above is my personal understanding. Please compassionately correct any mistakes.