Recently the evil forces have been especially rampant in putting up their last-ditch struggle, resulting in many arrests of our fellow practitioners. From this, we deeply realized the solemnity of Fa-rectification and cultivation practice and the importance of Fa-study.

Many of those who engage in Fa-rectification are fellow practitioners who have been forced by the persecution to become homeless in order to escape the persecution. They rectify Dafa and save beings despite extreme difficulties, lead a thrifty and simple life, and often are too busy to eat. We can say that these people devote themselves fully to Fa-rectification and hold themselves to strict standards. This is exactly what the evil fears. Its goal is to destroy Dafa practitioners and all living beings, so it further intensifies its effort to seek loopholes. Therefore, this has placed a higher requirement on Dafa practitioners, who should not relax for even a single moment. Cultivation practice is solemn. Without meeting the standards and requirements of different levels, without improving one's xinxing (the nature of the mind or the heart, moral character), one cannot pass the tests. Dafa is absolutely fair to all beings. We have found that before their arrests, some practitioners had been lax in their Fa-study to different extents. Although they occupied themselves with Fa-rectification work, they spent less and less time studying the Fa. Attachments then began to crop up; demons attacked when practitioners were off guard and created disturbances to further keep them from studying, creating a vicious circle. Demons would further enlarge an attachment, project a false image, and weaken one's righteous thoughts. If one does not come to realize it in time, it will leave openings for the evil to take advantage of and bring about a bitter lesson.

Nothing can replace Fa-study. Doing Fa-rectification work should require even more study, so that the practitioner can let go of all attachments and leave no loopholes for evil to take advantage of. Having done some work, one may also easily acquire the attachment of zealotry, the mentality of showing off, and the pursuit of doing things. If one does not strengthen his Fa-study, one can easily be taken advantage of by demons. "The Fa can reveal all attachments, the Fa can eradicate all evils, the Fa can expose and dispel all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts." (From Teacher's article "Deter Interference") Only by enhancing one's Fa-study, can one defeat his attachments and walk through tribulations.

Master stresses that: "As a Dafa disciple, in order to do Fa-rectification things well and to consummate everything of yours well, you need to study the Fa a lot. No matter how busy you are, you cannot skip Fa-study. This is what can best ensure your reaching Consummation." ("Persons in Charge of the European Fa Conference and All Attendees") "Pay attention: No matter how busy you are, you cannot neglect Fa study. This is what fundamentally assures your moving towards Consummation and doing Dafa work well." ("To All Students at the Nordic Fa Conference") "Under any circumstance, in any period, and no matter how busy you are with your work, you can't stray from your Fa-study, as this is what fundamentally ensures that you'll continue to improve and reach Consummation. You can't do Dafa work without studying the Fa, or it would be an everyday person doing Dafa work. It has to be Dafa disciples who do Dafa work--this is something required of all of you." ("Lecture on the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Conference")

Fa-study should be treated with seriousness and diligence. When studying the Fa diligently, each word will reach the bottom of one's heart. Quite often enlightenment to certain principles follows, and one can overcome his problems. One's physical body becomes warm, tranquil, and calm, as if a light made of enormous energy illuminates it. One's heart becomes firm and bright, as one feels the incomparable solemnness and happiness stemming from the tremendous change in his life. One will gain nothing if he does not study [the Fa] diligently.

Be responsible to yourself, be responsible to the Fa, and do the work of clarifying the truth, exposing the evils, and saving people well. One must calmly study the Fa well and firmly cultivate towards consummation.