(Clearwisdom.net) In the past few days many things have happened. Fellow practitioners were arrested, and the sites that stored Dafa truth clarifying materials were destroyed. I believe firmly that I have the ability to destroy all evil factors. I keep sending forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil and telling myself that I should be determined in opposing all arrangements by the evil forces. The evil constantly tries from many different aspects to make my righteous thoughts waver. Human thoughts and notions of all kinds constantly attack me. In an attempt to destroy my xinxing, I was told there were distorted rumors about me outside and there was also evidence that I was being followed. All this was to stir my mind. However, I maintained a calm mind, using righteous thoughts to eliminate all disturbance and persecution by the evil forces, regardless of whether they came from inside or outside of myself.

When I discovered that someone was following me, I told myself to ignore it. At the same time, I was sending out righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. During this process, I could not help but look back several times towards the place from which I felt someone was watching me. It just so happened that each time I glanced towards this man, he was also observing me. My mind became disturbed. Then, a message from my mind kept telling me: "Don't get attached with the demons."

Suddenly, I realized that my understanding of "completely oppose" was superficial, and I was not very sure in my heart. I felt I was not determined enough in Falun Dafa, thus my human notions were still active. This made me remember what Teacher said in " What Are Supernormal Abilities:" "A being's level is determined by his xinxing. That is, when you use supernormal abilities your righteous thoughts must be strong. Incorrect thoughts--such as fearing the evil, wavering in your thoughts when you use your supernormal abilities, or doubting whether they will work--can affect or interfere with the outcome of the supernormal abilities."

How can we oppose something external when we have attachments and fear in our hearts? If we truly believe that we have the power to eliminate all evil, we will not be moved by any tribulation, because, in essence, we have denied all arrangements through which the evil could interfere. All those things being opposed will never happen again. It will not exist. But if we think that there is a possibility of something happening, and imagine in our mind there will be some occurrence, isn't this the same as creating an opportunity for something to occur?

When I notified my fellow practitioners that some practitioners were arrested, they asked me why it turned out this way. Those practitioners were all very diligent, genuine practitioners who performed many tasks for Falun Dafa every day (and how could they run into problems like that?). I shared a story that was told to me by a fellow practitioner. After a practitioner was arrested, his family was very worried. A little practitioner saw Teacher was smiling at her, when she was sleeping at night, and said a lot to her. The next day, when her mom sent her to school, she told her mom: "His attachment is too strong. He was not able to release his attachment no matter what hints he was given. So finally he has to stumble (in order to get rid of the attachment). Once he is able to let go of that attachment, he'll be released" At that time, I thought of "Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)": "Everything that the evil has done has actually targeted the attachments and fears that you have not let go of." I somewhat understood the reasons why practitioners got arrested.

Teacher said in "Rationality": "Amidst tribulations, it is very difficult for a student to see the cause of a matter; but it's not that it is impossible. When he calms down and evaluates everything according to Dafa, he will be able to see the nature of the matter." Only when we identify from the Fa perspective what omission that the evil will take advantage of, will we no longer become confused or puzzled. When we truly understand it, we can succeed in getting rid of our impurity and eradicating the evil destruction.

When practitioners get together to do Dafa work, it is inevitable that we will have disagreements, because we still have human notions. If we do not look within ourselves in time and maintain our xinxing, our minds will be stirred, and we will leave hidden peril and weak spots for the evil to create destruction. When human ideas and notions gradually accumulate, the demons will take advantage of them and strengthen them. As time passes, there will be problems that are difficult to solve, and a kind of demonic environment will be formed around the practitioners. This will trap any practitioners who fail to maintain their xinxing. When our attachments are strengthened to a certain extent, it will be difficult for us to remain sober-minded. Then we will be controlled and manipulated by the demons, thus allowing ourselves to be placed in tribulation.

Teacher has emphasized many times that "It is not work but cultivation." We should cultivate ourselves by following the Fa, and maintain our xinxing at a high level at all times. We should uproot demon nature or attachments as soon as they surface. We should not relax our efforts in cultivation, and we should not allow the demons any opportunities to penetrate or grow. Only when we reach the standard as practitioners, will we be able to eliminate the evil, and this is what evil fears the most.