1. Only My Teacher's Words Count

One Dafa practitioner was sentenced to 15 days of detention for distributing Falun Dafa truth-clarifying literature. Right after she was detained, a prisoner in her ward said to her, "All the practitioners detained here went on hunger strikes to protest." She immediately realized that the Teacher had given her a hint via that prisoner's mouth, and started a hunger strike in protest. Soon she was aching all over, and when the wardens saw how pale she looked, they released her after only four and a half days. When she came to the local police sub-station to get her bicycle, all the policemen were surprised upon seeing her. Facing these evil people, she said, "I walked out of the police station openly and nobly. You cannot make arrangements for a Dafa practitioner--only my Teacher's words count."

2. As Long As I Still Live, Don't Imagine That You Can Take Me Away

A factory sent several people to a Dafa practitioner's home to notify him that the work unit was going to pick him up the next day and send him to a brainwashing class. This Dafa practitioner raised his voice and said, "Jiang Zemin is persecuting Falun Gong using various tricks. I'll definitely persist in practicing such a good Fa to the end. As long as I still live, don't imagine that you can take me away." Hearing this, those people left in a hurry and have not come back and bothered the practitioner since.

3. Falun Dafa Practitioners Eliminate Evil with Righteous Thoughts, Causing the Pingdu Brainwashing Class to Fail

On July 20, 2001, the vicious people in Pingdu, Shandong Province held an illegal brainwashing class. For the first session, they had planned to arrest 20 Dafa practitioners. Because the practitioners resisted with righteous thoughts, they were finally able to arrest only 8 people through deception and kidnapping. Upon learning of this, Dafa practitioners in Pingdu sent forth righteous thoughts simultaneously at set times everyday to eliminate the evil arrangement.