(Clearwisdom.net) Jiutai City Yinmahe Labor Camp inhumanely persecuted Falun Gong practitioners during the period they were unlawfully detained there. The labor camp guards have been torturing determined practitioners for a long time both physically and mentally. Among the units of the labor camp, No. 2 Unit is the most fierce, vicious and evil. It caused several practitioners to become disabled and killed one practitioner.

On July 18, 2000, vicious thugs Li Junbo (the party commissioner), Li Chengzhou (unit head) and Guo Yiping (team head) tortured all the practitioners with electric batons and plastic tubes (so-called "white dragons"). Practitioner Zhao Jingtao was heavily injured on his back and kept rolling on the floor in pain, but the vicious guards did not stop the beating until they were too tired to beat any more. Wang Zhenguo was tortured three times, and Li Chengzhou kicked his face with the tip of his leather shoes, causing Wang's face to be covered with blood. At the same time, Wang Zhenguo was beaten with electronic batons, fists, and plastic tubes. Once when he was beaten in the office, his screams from the pain were terrifying.

The vicious guards in Unit No. 2 not only tortured the practitioners in person, but also encouraged the ordinary criminals to abuse practitioners in exchange for reducing their sentence terms. The thug Li Chengzhou told criminal Lin Yaomin, "It is your privilege to supervise Falun Gong practitioners." Since then, Lin Yaomin and other hooligans started abusing practitioners without any concern. Jiang Lide and two other practitioners were whipped with a leather belt until the belt was broken, simply because they didn't report to Lin Yaomin before they talked. Such situations happened all the time.

One night Lin Yaomin and Zhang Bao brutally tortured practitioners Wang Hongtian, Jiang Lide and another practitioner because they said a few words to each other.

During the work hour, vicious guards instigated the ordinary criminals to give much heavier loads to practitioners when doing their forced labor work of moving mud. When practitioners could not move it, the ordinary criminals beat them with wood and iron sticks under the excuse that "practitioners were lazy." They continuously beat their sensitive parts, such as ankles, to make it hard for practitioners to endure. Once when a practitioner reported being beaten 8 times within one morning, the guard not only did not stop the beating, but also let the ordinary criminals drag the practitioner away by his feet. When practitioner Jiang Lide immediately called for help, he was knocked into the water.

What's more, Lin Yaomin lied that it was a practitioner who cut down a young tree, and with this excuse he whipped the practitioner's head with a cable. Each whipping left a bloodstain that was horrifying to look at.

When practitioner Yang Lidong appealed to guards Li Chengzhou, Li Junbo, and Guo Yiping because they illegally extended his sentence term, those three brutally tortured him and shocked him with an electric baton several times. Once Yang Lidong were beaten so brutally that he lost consciousness. Another time, because he refused to listen to the evil propaganda, Yang Lidong was tortured by guard Zhou Kaiming so badly that he lost control of his bowel movement.

Practitioner Li Baichun went on a hunger strike to appeal against the persecution and suffered similar torture as Yang Lidong.

Practitioner Zhao Xishun was brutally tortured by vicious guards Guo Yiping and Zhou Kaiming many times. Sometimes he was shocked with two electric batons simultaneously, and other times he was lifted up by four criminals and then forcibly dropped onto the hard floor. Zhao Xishun could not eat for a long period of time since his mouth was festering due to the electric shocking.

Practitioner Sun Shiwen, resident of Chengzijie Town in Jiutai City, Jilin Province, was illegally sent to the labor camp on December 14, 2000, and miserably died there on January 8, 2001. In less than 20 days, a living life died in the hands of the evil guards under the instructions of the labor camp leadership. Instead of punishing the murderer, they told Sun Shiwen's family that he died of a heart attack. According to the insiders, Sun was vomiting before he died, indicating the severe damage to his brain due to torture.

The persecution against Falun Gong practitioners by vicious guards in Unit No. 2 happened very often, and currently it is getting worse and worse. We recently learned that another practitioner died there, though the name and the details of the torture are still unclear.

We hope all the kind-hearted people distinguish the truth, bravely stand up to condemn and stop such persecution.

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