Every stage in the Fa-rectification process has different requirements for cultivators. Handling "spontaneous thoughts" properly is most crucial for us to perfect ourselves as we walk toward the realm of Gods.

Some ways of thinking and acting have long made our hearts used to sleeping in the human body. In the Second Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in Russia, a practitioner said during the discussion, "When we start to practice cultivation, fixed patterns of human thinking impart strong inertia. Subconscious and instantaneous reactions have large components of human notions. If we carefully search for our attachments, we will find them. This will have a very good effect." Another practitioner said, "I try to develop one spontaneous thought with a pure state of mind. Then such a thought always proves to be correct." "If our thoughts are righteous without omission, evil demons will find no loopholes in our mind." How can we make sure that every thought is righteous without omission? The key is to study the Fa. Studying the Fa can help us fundamentally change our own concepts. The study of the Fa is most important. Master Li pointed out in the recent article "To All Students at the Nordic Fa Conference" that, "Pay attention: No matter how busy you are, you cannot neglect Fa study. This is what fundamentally assures your moving towards Consummation and doing Dafa work well." In the article "Lecture on the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Conference," Master Li mentioned again, "Under any circumstance, in any period, and no matter how busy you are with your work, you can't stray from your Fa-study, as this is what fundamentally ensures that you'll continue to improve and reach Consummation."

Some practitioners find it hard to get rid of certain attachments. However, after studying the Fa for some time, we will be surprised to find how much we have changed. The best experience of European practitioners during the Second Dafa Conference in Russia was group study of the Fa when practitioners read Master Li's articles together.

After we read Master Li's articles together for 7-8 hours, we felt our thoughts became purer, and our minds became more peaceful. Such a pure state could sometimes last for quite a while. We tried to communicate with as many practitioners as we could to find effective ways to transform ourselves from humans to Gods. In order to keep all of our thoughts righteous without omission, studying the Fa is most crucial.