In the article Path, Master Li asked, "Can you imagine what it means for a cultivator if this stain isn't washed clean?" After seeing this question, I realized how serious this is. I would like to explain how I came to my understanding and provide a reference for practitioners.

One time, my young daughter said Master was here and had brought the contracts (gods' vows) signed by the practitioners in our family before coming down here. We finally saw the sacred vows taken by us thousands of years ago. My daughter said that the contract was the record of our conversation with gods before we came down. She remembered clearly the last portion of the conversation:

Gods: Where will you go and what will you do after getting there?

Daughter: Help Master to rectify the Fa; return to my true nature; strive forward vigorously.

Gods: Good, please sign here to truly seal the vow.

My daughter immediately signed. After reading it, Master Li signed it, giving it his approval.

There are no words in any human language to describe what I felt when I saw her first sentence: "Help Master to rectify the Fa," except: righteous, pure and sacred. That sentence describes the only way to behave as a Fa rectification disciple. There are no exceptions for practitioners that want to be called disciples who help Master to rectify the Fa. They all came down this way. Starting from the beginning of history, thousands of years of arrangements and waiting have led up to this great period. Therefore, I clearly understand that if a god breaks his sacred vow, the result is unthinkable. A god will not take a detour, "...this kind of notion is something developed in the human world after humans have become depraved. But gods aren't like that. They don't have thoughts like these. Once they've decided on a certain path, they'll definitely stick with it to the end." (Lecture at the Great Lakes Conference in North America)

The above mentioned quote explains the situation clearly. If we can truly step out to validate Dafa as qualified Dafa disciples; if we remove everything in us that is human and impure; if we do not act out of pursuit or worry about where we are going to end up; if our actions truly meet the standard of Fa particles' actions, I believe we will achieve what Master Li said, "Your vows will become testaments of your future." (Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples) If we choose another path, besides not having another chance, I dare not think what the results might be. Can you imagine?