An investigation has verified that Dafa practitioner Yu Biqing (female) from Yongquan Town, Wenjiang County, Sichuan Province died on the afternoon of September 25, 2001. Yu and another female practitioner with the last name of Zhou were being escorted from Dujiangyan City Public Security Bureau to Liujie Police Station. They both jumped out of the police vehicle. Zhou jumped out first. She was dizzy from the impact and her face was covered with blood. She ran into the woods along the road and hid until it was dark. Then she found her way back to her residence. Yu Biqing jumped after Zhou and probably died from the impact. The escort police vehicle drove away, with no one paying attention to what happened. According to the local people who witnessed the incident, they saw a black thing fall from the police vehicle (Yu was probably wearing dark-color clothes at the time) and they thought it was a big parcel. They ran to the scene and found out Yu had already died. Later the "110" police vehicle (110 in China is the same as 911 in America) sent Yu's body to the Dujiangyan City Funeral Home for storage. Fellow practitioners have been to the funeral home to identify her. They found she had wounds on her face, but her facial expression was serene, as though she were just asleep.