October 10th was the second day of the Sino-American Human Rights Dialogue, and Falun Gong practitioners once again gathered in front of the State Department to promote awareness of human rights issues in China. Early in the morning, some practitioners put up banners and placards showing the results of the brutal persecution, while other practitioners distributed flyers to visitors to the State Departments and to people in passing cars.

About 4 pm, suddenly many police cars and fire engines showed up. Reporters from several important news agencies also came. We were told that some unknown powder was found in the building and someone felt nauseated. It was suspected to be the action of terrorists, so the FBI was investigating the incident to prevent anything unexpected from happening. Many policemen were present to keep the order. The State Department building was under siege.

Practitioners were still holding their banners and staying at their positions, but they left enough room for the police activity. The practitioners' peacefulness and the environment's chaos formed a noticeable contrast and attracted the attention of the media. The media covering the event all caught this moment in their cameras. Especially important was that even in this very special circumstance, the police never ordered practitioners to leave. Even though they were in a very tense situation, they were still very polite and showed their trust in Falun Gong. Meanwhile practitioners voluntarily stepped back from an area where they might possibly interfere with the police operation.

Everywhere practitioners go they show Dafa's peacefulness. Yesterday, one practitioner received an email from a police official. The officer extended his appreciation for the practitioner's behavior throughout the event. Falun Gong's peacefulness and benevolence forms a strong contrast to Jiang Zemin's terrorism and brutal persecution. It has left deep impressions on the people.

On the morning of October 10 around 9am, many practitioners noticed a magnificent scene in the sky: the sun was surrounded by a colorful ring. Between the sun and the moon were interlinked colorful rings that lasted a long time.

Practitioners learned that the Chinese delegation was holding activities in several locations, so the practitioners also divided up into several groups. Some went to Capitol Hill, some to the White House, and others went to John Hopkins University. The group that went to John Hopkins University stayed on the route where the delegation would pass. When the Chinese delegation arrived at the gate, they did not dare to stop the car upon seeing the practitioners. Practitioners held their banners high and sent forth powerful righteous thoughts. The delegation just stayed in the car and refused to come out. After several minutes, two Americans from the State Department came out of the car and signaled the car to take the road to the back door. The practitioners took this opportunity to clarify the truth to them and the spectators. After about one hour the Chinese delegation finished their visit, rushed into their car immediately, but did not dare to look at the practitioners. The practitioners tried to deliver an appeal letter, but the driver jumped out of the car and started shouting foul language. Who can understand why they are so afraid of practitioners that were holding a peaceful demonstration?