(Clearwisdom.net ) I was arrested in January 2000, for validating Dafa in Beijing and was picked up by the police from my hometown and then sent to the Nanmusi Women's Labor Camp for a one-year sentence of forced labor at the end of February 2000. I was released in August 2001, 8 months after my sentence term had expired. There I experienced and witnessed the brutal persecution against Dafa practitioners by guards and other criminals.

As soon as any Dafa practitioners arrived at the labor camp, the women were deprived of the right to bathe and to sleep. To practice the exercise was especially forbidden. Anyone who went downstairs to practice the exercises would be brutally tortured by the guards and inmates of the camp, forced to wear shackles and handcuffs, hung from a tree while icy water was poured over their bodies, shocked with electric batons, confined in a solitary cell filled with water, forced to stand facing a wall from 6:00 am until midnight (with hands held up above the head), hung in the air from handcuffs or shackled if one failed to keep her hands held up above the head, handcuffed to a tree wearing only underwear in the winter, or exposed under the burning sun in the summer. Over a dozen practitioners including Zhang Wenhong, Zhang Naiqing, Zhang Shiqing, Gao Yan, Fan Ying and other female practitioners were tortured like this for 17 to 18 hours a day.

Later they set up a special unit for Dafa practitioners, and since then the persecution became even more vicious. A special team was set up and thugs were selected to torture practitioners. However, even such brutal torture could not shake practitioners' firm faith in Dafa at all. Seeing the failure of physical abuse, in July 2000 they deployed the "Brainwashing Team" from the Ministry of Justice in Beijing, intent on brainwashing the practitioners. Every practitioner was forced to attend the brainwashing class; otherwise she would be viciously beaten and forced to suffer exposure under the burning sun. Practitioners were forced to wear a sign [with words slandering Dafa written upon itt] hung around the neck, forced to sing, to practice bootcamp style physical drills, and to read materials slandering Dafa. Anyone who did not cooperate was kicked and beaten, shocked with electric batons, or whipped on sensitive body parts such as their inner thigh and legs with bamboo sticks. Even under such brutality, practitioners remained steadfastly determined in Dafa.

The authorities then confined practitioners in tiny cells under solitary confinement, providing only two bowls of water a day for bathing. Practitioners had to eat, drink, and release their bowels in these cells while in solitary confinement, sitting there completely alone and still for 17 to 18 hours each day. It was during the hottest days of the summer and many practitioners suffered the pain and itching from scabies. This is an example of the so-called "helping and educating practitioners" as claimed by the followers of Jiang Zemin.

There are currently more than 500 determined practitioners still detained in the labor camp. In addition, there are over 100 "brainwashed" practitioners who have realized their mistake and have come back to Dafa. They are facing brutal tortures and forced brainwashing from those "brainwashed" people every day. Only a few practitioners were released after their sentence terms expired. We hope all the kind-hearted people will pay attention to their situation and offer them help.

List of the vicious guards:

Head of Nanmusi Women's Labor Camp: Wu

Section chief: Li Ziqiang

Head of Unit 5: Zhang Xiaofang

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October 6, 2001