(Clearwisdom.net) A fifty-five year old female Dafa practitioner was taken by the police, to a police station after being discovered making truth clarifying literature. This practitioner remained very calm and felt no regret or hatred. She repeatedly explained the truth about Dafa to the policemen who were watching her, attempting to awaken their conscience.

Later, they allowed to let her have a rest, but the mosquitoes and the cold fall weather kept the policemen awake. At around two or three o'clock in the morning, the policemen were still unable to fall asleep. When she noticed this, she said to them, "Look at me, just sitting here like this, without even moving my hands or feet. No mosquitoes are biting me and I don't feel cold. You may bring some chairs over here and come to sit around me." At first none of the policemen believed her; only one went over to try. [When he came close to her] he found that he didn't feel cold any more -- what a miracle! Then the other three joined him, and, as a result, they didn't feel cold any more, either, and the mosquitoes stopped biting them.

After that night, all four of the policemen were completely convinced, from deep in their hearts. They said it was a miracle! During the following days, more practitioners were taken to this station. Because the police there all knew that Dafa practitioners are good people, they provided as much help as they could. Under their arrangement, all of the practitioners there were sent back home.

October 8, 2001