I am a male, 37-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner. I obtained the Fa in January of 1998. Before obtaining the Fa, I was a disabled person with kidney problems, had trouble speaking and hearing, and could hardly talk. After obtaining the Fa, I have been free from kidney troubles, and I was able to speak and hear well again. I became healthy and happy. Others say that I look almost ten years younger than I should for my age. Since July 20, 1999, I have been to Beijing for Fa-rectification five times. Particularly during my last visit, when I went to Tiananmen Square on September 29, 2001, I gained a great deal of enlightenment regarding truly stepping out of the human boundaries.

In early September, I wanted to go to Beijing and unfurl a banner (I did not do this in my previous four trips to Beijing). I remember that one practitioner said, "The purpose of one's life should be only to assimilate with Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. If I betray it, I would rather request my body and soul to be eliminated totally." This touched me greatly.

On September 28, I took a train to Beijing. During the trip I kept sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate anything that might obstruct my mission. I successfully arrived in Beijing at 4:30 AM on September 29, and I immediately took a bus to Tiananmen Square. At around 5 am, I saw more than fifty plain-clothes policemen and over a hundred uniformed policemen arriving at the Square. After the flag-raising ceremony concluded, I dared not step out. At that moment, I saw my own unstable heart of fear that prevented me from stepping out of my human notions. Feeling depressed, I took a break and sat down on a roadside bench to examine myself.

When I went back to the Square, I saw among the visitors many model workers (identified by the red buttons pinned on their chests). I thought that this was a good time and I should step out to validate the Fa. While I was having this thought, a policeman noticed me and came over, saying that he wanted to search me. He asked me to raise my shirt, but I did not respond to his request. He then ordered me to walk with him to the side. When he turned his body, I took that chance and ran a few steps away and pulled out the banner. Right after I yelled, "Falun Dafa is good," he ran to me and grabbed the banner. I kept shouting, "Falun Dafa is the Righteous Fa!" "Restore the reputation of our Teacher!" I shouted these words again and again. Many model workers approached us, and some showed their sympathy. One young girl had tears running down her face.

Then a police car came. In front of these model workers, the policemen roughly pushed me into the car. No matter what they asked, I did not respond at all. They sent me to the Tiananmen Police Sub-Station. Once we stepped in, there was an old policeman who knew me. Three other policemen grabbed my hair and held my arms, trying to force me to take a picture. I struggled as hard as I could, so they had to give up trying to take my picture. They then threw me into an iron cage.

Later they transferred me to the Resident Administrative Office in Beijing, where I was handcuffed to a chair and guarded by two men. I thought that because they persecuted me for practicing Falun Dafa, they were also persecuting Dafa itself. It would be an insult to Dafa if I allowed the evil to continue persecuting us. They are not worthy of testing Dafa! So I wished for Master to open my handcuffs. When this did not work, I did not look inward, but instead I tried to force the handcuffs off by jamming them against the chair. This did not succeed, but instead it caused the handcuffs to become tighter. Then I asked them to open the handcuffs and let me go to the restroom. After they handcuffed me to the chair again, I tried once more to break out of the handcuffs and still failed. Finally I realized that everything happened for a reason. Could it be this way because I had a pursuing and unstable heart? After realizing this, I calmed down. I told myself not to care too much and to take a good rest.

Not long after that, the person watching me took off his uniform and went inside to take a shower. That was a good opportunity, and I found the key in the pocket of his uniform. I easily unlocked my handcuffs and left. Outside the office, there were many policemen and police cars, but I was not moved by that and walked by them in an easy manner. Getting out to the main road, I took a taxi to the train station and took a train back home.

My safe return encouraged many fellow practitioners in my hometown.