(Clearwisdom.net) [Editor's note]: According to what an insider of the police department disclosed to this website reporter, after the incident happened, Longcheng District Police Department of Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province held a conference, issuing an order to unify the information to public: Yu Xiuling jumped out of a building window and committed suicide. The following story, which originally appeared in the Boxun News Network, provided more details.

"Yu Xiuling, female, 32 years old, Falun Gong practitioner, a villager from the seventh block of Qichengzi Village in Damiao Town, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, was thrown, while still alive, out of the 4th floor window on September 19." This news, through various channels, spread overseas and caused an uproar. On September 25 and 27, Chaoyang City Politics and Law Committee successively instructed the Chaoyang City Police Department twice that they absolutely must not allow outsiders (especially the overseas media) to spread the case. But just as the old Chinese saying goes, there is no wall that can stop the wind. One policeman of the district police department is the relative of a member of the Chinese Democratic Party Chaoyang City Branch. Through this policeman, we attained detailed information about Yu Xiuling's death. The following is this policeman's narration. The parenthesis are our annotation.

"(Yu Xiuling) was not like other people. She was stubborn and unyielding, would not write the material (repentance statement to acknowledge guilt) no matter what, was punished (severely tortured) several times, but it was not effective. The crueler the punishment, the stronger she got. That day (September 19) from the early morning, we took her into interrogation, attempting to make her name others who belonged to this assistance station (Falun Gong group), she did not say anything. Although she was beaten many times, she still did not reveal anything. When beating her for the very last time, Fat Chu (Policeman Chu) beat her ruthlessly; she then fainted. Pouring cold water on her did not awaken her, so at that time, the police thought she had suffered a relapse (Yu Xiuling used to have heart disease). We waited for quite a while, but she still did not wake up, (We) thought something must be wrong. The policy here is: (Criminals) committing suicide is all right (police don't have responsibility), but the person cannot die (cannot be killed), or (related personnel) will get into trouble. I guess this was the reasoning of Chief Liu's Team (throwing Yu Xiuling). One reason was to shirk responsibility, the other wasto settle down this case (get rid of this case). (Yu Xiuling's case) has not been settled yet, as(related personnel) were bothered and were very angry. Throwing a live person [out a window] is not the same (as throwing a dead person). (Yu Xiuling's) two arms were broken, and the family members (Yu Xiuling's husband Feng Dianxiang, her younger brother Yu Xiufeng) were suspicious about her death right at the spot at that time. (They wanted to) cause trouble, but were suppressed."

From this policeman's narration, though Yu Xiuling possibly was unconscious, she certainly was not dead. But the related personnel, in order to shirk responsibility and get rid of this case, threw her, still alive, from the 4th floor window. This is the truth of how Yu Xiuling died. (Boxun News Network 2001-10-06 news)