I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Liaoning Province. For validating Dafa at Tiananmen Square, I was arrested and sentenced illegally to 3 years in prison. Below is what I have seen at Tiananmen Square of the brutal behavior of the Beijing Police against female Dafa practitioners.

One day in February 2001, around 11 AM, together with a middle-aged female practitioner and an elderly male practitioner, I was arrested and put into a police van. Two male policemen in their 20's watched us, both of them with short haircuts. They shut the curtain inside the van, and one of them started asking us our names and addresses. When we refused to give them this information, they pointed at us and said, "Let me make something clear to you. You must behave yourself, because you are not counted as human beings here. If we beat you to death, we will tell the outside that there is one more case of suicide. Do you want to die?" They also pointed to a female practitioner and said to her, "Let's have a talk in the front." They then forcefully dragged her to the front seat, three rows from where we were. The other policeman followed them to the front and pushed the female practitioner into the seat. The two policemen sat next to the practitioner, one on either side of her and started speaking to her in a vulgar way. The thugs also used their cigarettes to blow smoke on her, and even told her to unbutton her shirt. The female practitioner refused. The policemen beat her and said, "Don't you practice forbearance? If you do, unbutton your shirt and don't wait for us to do that ourselves." The wicked policemen actually took unconditional acceptance of their despicable behavior as something this practitioner should forbear! They have lost every shred of their conscience. The elder practitioner and I stood up to stop the policemen.

The wicked policemen immediately turned around and started to beat us. While beating us, they said, "Do you really want to die?" After the beating, they even asked us to thank them by kowtowing to them. While slapping the face of the elder practitioner twice, they said to me, "I will beat this old man if you don't stay out of trouble." They then returned to the female practitioner, forcefully pulled open her shirt and put their hands on her breasts. Later on, they used their cell phone to call in another police vehicle. With the side doors of the two police vans facing each other, the policemen had another dirty conversation: "Have you arrested any young female practitioners yet?" "Not yet." "If you want to play with one, I can send one to you." The repulsive show finally came to an end.

Around 1 PM on the same day, we were sent to a place where many other practitioners were being held. In the evening, we were transferred to a detention center. The female practitioner who was sexually abused did not tell her name or address, and she was kept in Beijing, after which we lost track of her whereabouts. The rest of us were transferred to our hometowns.

Although the inhuman policemen have escaped from punishment by law, they will meet with their retribution sooner or later because of the heavenly principle that evil will be met with evil.