September 24, 2001


It has been three months since Clearwisdom Net announced "Send Forth Righteous Thoughts at Set Times." At the beginning I was a bit uncertain on how to do it. Gradually I have been able to gain control with ease. Now I have compiled my experiences to share with practitioners for mutual encouragement.

When sending forth righteous thoughts, there is no need to pursue reaching a certain state. Just repeat the verses and firmly believe your ability to eradicate the evil.

At the beginning, in sharing experiences with other practitioners, I found that others had different reactions but I felt very little. Also I did not understand "true thought." When sending forth righteous thoughts, I was often very tense. I was always concerned about how to achieve "true thoughts." Since I did not have enough faith, the result was not good. Through studying the Fa, I have realized that being a particle of the Dafa means that the power is mighty and indestructible. For Dafa practitioners, eradicating evil should be as easy as turning our hands.

Calm your mind and do not let the evil take advantage of any loopholes.

Sometimes things happened as a result of us not being able to maintain xinxing, and that caused us to feel sorry. When sending forth righteous thoughts, never think about them. This is to avoid the evil that will use them to interfere with our righteous thoughts and cause us to lose confidence. The way I understand it: eradicating evil with our righteous thoughts is done by the side that has been cultivated. When sending forth righteous thoughts, we imagine ourselves being Gods as tall as heaven and incomparably noble. Therefore, it is the God's side eradicating the evil. If the human side is thinking, it will interfere with the God side that is to rectify the Fa.

When sending forth righteous thoughts, send it following your mind.

Every time before sending forth righteous thoughts, I always eliminate my bad thoughts. It has become a habit. There was one time when I had just gotten into the lotus position, a car downstairs started to honk its horn. I wanted to finish cleansing myself first before eliminating the evil. However, the noise just wouldn't stop. I was thinking, "Since you are causing trouble, I will eliminate you!" Right after I said the verses with my hand placed vertically in front of my chest, the noise from the horn immediately stopped. From that incident, I realized that when the evil is interfering, we should eliminate it immediately with righteous thoughts. If you wait to get ready, you will be interfered with. It is like being in the battlefield when the enemy is right in front of you -- you cannot go sharpening your spear before destroying the enemy. Whether your spear is sharp or not, you need to eliminate the enemy.

Recently, I have often encountered interference when browsing the Internet. At the beginning I was very tense. When I noticed interference, I would immediately stop everything and place my hand in front of my chest to eliminate the evil. I would be able to continue after the interference had stopped. Later on I realized that this was a bit passive. When I browsed the Internet again, I would think of myself as a mighty God doing the most righteous things. If the evil dares to come over, it will not be able to return! I would no longer tensely watch over the firewall. My mind was very calm. I realized that if we can think of ourselves as Gods at every moment, evil can't exist near us. The results will be better when maintaining a relaxed state of mind and sending forth righteous thoughts at will.

These are my personal understandings. Please kindly correct me if you see anything wrong. Thank you.