(Clearwisdom.net) I am a 56-year-old Dafa practitioner from Hubei Province. Together with a number of other Dafa practitioners, I entered Tiananmen Square on the morning of July 22, 2000. We saw the place was full of police and police vehicles; there were more police than tourists.

It was a hot day at over 40 C (104 F). In the Square, we saw group after group of Dafa Disciples being arrested and thrown into police vehicles. A few seconds after we started the meditation exercise, we were captured as well, hustled into a vehicle, and taken to a police station. We were led as a group to the central courtyard of the police station, and then were secretly divided up and sent to various other police stations in the city. I was transferred from vehicle to vehicle along the way. I noticed that they chose to go via small streets and side roads, avoiding the main roads. Eventually I was forced into a small vehicle. Two policemen pushed me into the storage compartment at the back of the vehicle. With no ventilation, and the exhaust pipe directly underneath me, the temperature inside reached at least 50 C (122 F). A few hours later, I was sent to Tiancun Police Station of Haidian District, Beijing Public Security. There were three people with me including a 23-year-old female practitioner from Shandong Province, and another female practitioner from Baoding in Hebei Province.

Not long after my arrival, four policemen started threatening me, saying lots of filthy words. One of them, who looked to be around 30 years of age, brought a loaded hunting rifle, pointed it at my chest and threatened: "If I shoot you, I get rewarded, and you have no place to complain. Ask your Master to come and save you." He cursed me again and pulled the trigger; the bullet flew past the right side of my body and hit the wall behind me.

That night, the most vicious policeman came. He took me to an isolated room on the 4th floor and began torturing me. He twisted my arms upward behind me, causing excruciating pain. I shouted loudly to expose the evil, trying to get my voice heard by someone outside. As a result, the evil became afraid. Every policeman in the station came to quiet me down. The evil policeman then began punching my chest and stomach. I was unable to breathe, and then I vomited violently and fainted to the floor.

After I had barely recovered my consciousness, they stripped off all of my clothes. Eight or nine policemen took turns beating me. When one grew tired another would continue. They punched every part of my body for at least half an hour. When they stopped beating me, they took their time to slowly torture me. One policeman yanked my hair hard so that my head was slightly raised; another used his fingers to dig at my eyes, saying, "I'll dig your eyes out!" Both policemen then stretched my arms out, to form a "cross" shape. They then pulled my ears and cheeks, then grabbed my throat and choked me to stop the airflow. Another two policemen were extremely sadistic; they used their fingernails to dig in and cut through my nipple until my nipple fell off. My whole body was covered with wounds and bleeding all over from the cuts made by their fingernails. These thugs took pleasure in torturing others, laughing insanely, revealing the face of their evil nature.

A police chief began viciously cursing me, "Are you human? I think you are not human; you are already a deity. Today I will make you a deity." They pressed me down on a bench, and each of them used their palms and fists to hit my neck and spine. They then made me stand up while each of them used a lit cigarette to burn my body all over, even lighting a fire at my private parts. After that they took turns hitting my face with all their might.

Around 4 in the morning, they ran out of ideas. Their hands hurt from beating me, so they then tried to force me to jump from the window. They opened the window, then made me stand on a stool next to the window, trying to make me jump from the 4th floor. They were shouting and cursing, saying, "If you have faith in your Master, you will jump out of the building from here." They were all screaming together, "Jump, quickly jump, jump down -- if you won't jump down, we'll push you down." If I did not have a strong will I would not still be alive. They eventually failed to push me.

The 23 year-old-girl from Shandong was also tortured badly by the evil ones: the policemen tore all the buttons from her dress, bruised her face, burnt her breasts with lit cigarettes, and at the end, they stuffed more than 10 burning cigarettes into her bra.

From 9:00am in the morning on July 22 until past 3:00pm the next day (July 23) I was not allowed to eat, sleep, or drink. I was tortured for 30 long hours.

Afterwards, I was sent to the Guangshui Representative's office in Beijing. A policeman by the name of Liu, nicknamed "North-East Tiger," who had had some training in Martial Arts, violently punched me all over, saying, "I will make you into the first god of today." My left eye was hurt, and one of my ribs was broken. I had great difficulty getting up or lying down. I was taken to Guangshui Detention Center with many wounds and injuries. When the detention center released me, my work unit stopped paying my pension, giving me only a 250-Yuan monthly allowance, which is totally inadequate to support my family.

This is what the Jiang regime calls "the best time for human rights."