Despite its appearance, Dalian Re-education Center relentlessly persecutes Dafa practitioners. Not only are practitioners treated as criminals, but of the "Ten NOs" (rules for inmates of the reeducation center), four of them are specifically for Dafa practitioners such as, "No reading Dafa scripture", "No practicing", etc. Our response is clear: We can not follow these rules.

Around 9 PM on December 12 and 13, several practitioners did siting meditation in an attempt to rectify this environment. In response, guards dragged about 10 practitioners from their beds. They became more violent on December 14, when several practitioners from the top bunks were dragged down and kicked while still keeping their meditation posture. Guards used handcuffs and batons to force more than 60 practitioners to kneel facing the wall until midnight. On December 15, a few practitioners started a hunger strike. The next day the number quickly increased to 70 to 80 people. On December 17, the total number of female practitioners who were sent to the labor camp were over 120.

On the evening of December 17, they took away 12 practitioners including Wang Ronghong and Wan Jing without any notice. More than 20 practitioners were handcuffed and had large feeding tubes inserted into their nostrils. During the force-feeding, the guards claimed that they wanted practitioners to suffer while alive and be miserable when dying.

On December 18, we were moved into other cells. On December 19, we were force-fed once more. Starting on December 20, we were force fed twice per day. Even the officers admitted that they had adopted the most inhumane method to "rescue" practitioners. In fact, all the practitioners were in very good health before the force-feedings began. Those over 70 practitioners being force fed all had severe reactions. Some of them threw up everything; some of them vomited profusely and had bloody diarrhea. The blood from their mouths and noses ran down the feeding tubes unabated. How can this be called a humanitarian effort? Is this a so-called rescue? This is a punishment, a form of torture.

To endure these barbaric cruelties while not being able to read the Fa or practice is unimaginable suffering. We stopped our hunger strike around December 20. However, Sun Lianxia, Fu Shuying and eight more practitioners are still on hunger strikes. Under such extreme circumstances, they have decided to defend the Fa with their lives. They are forced to run and do heavy labor (like shoveling show), and they are continuously force-fed twice per day while on hunger strike.

Without being "transformed", practitioners cannot meet with family members, and all information is blocked. There is no way for our families to know what has been happening here. Our relatives think we are treated pretty well. Kind-hearted people can hardly imagine that people are being beaten, tortured, and force-fed because they practice Falun Gong. Some of the guards present could not bear to witness these acts. "Paper cannot wrap fire", how can the truth be destroyed? All the Dafa practitioners agreed that it is guiltless to tell the truth, and that we should not accept the reeducation center's decisions. We want to register our appeals. We sent an appeal letter to the committee of the re-education center more than half a month ago. The deadline of replying is approaching, however, we have not heard from the administrators. Around 200 Dafa Practitioners (including over 80 male practitioners) all demanded that we be allowed to hire lawyers and appeal for justice. We should be released without any charges. Practicing Falun Dafa is guiltless!


"Getting arrested is not the purpose. Validating Dafa is truly glorious--it is to validate Dafa that you step forward. Since you step forward, you should try to succeed in validating the Fa--this is the real purpose of stepping forward." (Rationality, Master's new scripture)

Almost simultaneously, more than 200 practitioners (80 males and 130 females) realized that Dafa practitioners are guiltless, and should not be imprisoned for telling the truth in Beijing. Telling people the truth of Dafa only shows our compassion for others, and is to save people. It is incomprehensible and totally unjust that we are imprisoned in labor camps for 2-3 years. We should not give up [basic human rights].

With this in mind, all female practitioners at the labor camp held a group practice on December 12 for the purpose of rectifying the Fa. All of a sudden, the atmosphere of the whole camp became sacred and serious. Guards were very nervous and agitated as they pulled out handcuffs and batons and pushed us down the hallway and into special cells. Practitioner Fu Shuying stayed in the lotus position all the time regardless of how hard the guards pulled her legs. They pulled and pushed her to the ground then to the hallway, she was very determined and would not to give up. Finally the guards had to give up and said "(she's) really like a Buddha." She meditated for another 2 hours in guards' office and came back around midnight.

December 13

Yesterday's act shocked all the leaders in the center. They ordered all the guards to stop us. We thought that since we are practitioners, we should always cultivate and practice regardless where we are. It is 9:00PM again, and practitioners from the two big cells have started practicing. A group of guards used stun batons to shock us and took some of us out into the hallway. Some practitioners tried to stop the beating, and requested that the guards release the people who were being taken outside. Several practitioners were brought outside in the dark and were asked to bow heads down with legs apart. The practitioners left inside constantly insisted that the practitioners outside be released, and finally around 1:30 am, they were brought in and put into a special cell. There are total 10 of them.

December 14

Practitioners started to realize that we need to tell guards the truth using our compassion. Rectifying the Fa is our goal. If the guards will lose their jobs by allowing us to practice, then we should also be considerate and we should sacrifice. Six people started hunger strike this morning. They are: Fu Lanju, Wang Ronghong, Yang Shuhua, Gao Bo, Chen Xianping, and Yu Shujuan.

December 15

One practitioner could not fall sleep after witnessing the events of the three days. She went downstairs to tell the truth to the guards. Facing the camp head Hao, group leader Tao, and four other guards, she explained without fear why practitioners need to rectify the Fa and why we act this way. Also, she explained that Jiang Zemin is actually the root cause of this disaster. She also told them to put themselves in the right position, and not to become the sacrificial objects of Jiang Zemin.

December 16

After breakfast, more than 80 practitioners started a hunger strike without prior organization.

December 17

There were still about 80 people on hunger strike (no detailed figures available). At about 4PM, the official held a "Punish and Reward" meeting. They rewarded those practitioners who did not practice with a 1-6 month reduction of their term. They took away 12 practitioners who they thought had organized the practices. They are: Quan Xiaonan, Wan Jing, Wang Ronghong, Hu Shuzhen, Wang Jing, Zhang Hua, Wang Haiying, Wu Yueju, Zhong Shujuan, Wan Dongxia, Zhao Jing, and Zhang Fuling. We know nothing about where they are. About 5PM, two more practitioners were taken away. They did not eat anything for more than 4 days. After that, the guards started to force-feed over 80 practitioners who were on hunger strike. The first 12 were handcuffed while they were force-fed. The city's "621 office" head Hao [handling Falun Gong issue] was also in present that evening to watch the force-feeding.

December 18

Practitioners continued hunger strike, the labor camp was going to move all female practitioners to the 4th team.

December 19

At about 2 PM, 71 practitioners were force-fed.

December 20

Starting 6:30AM, all the practitioners were forced to stand still. We practiced the second and third sets of exercises when the guards were not present. The guard leader found out, rushed into the cell, and furiously beat our hands and ordered us to stand still. Not having anything to eat for several days, it was very difficult to stand. Around 9 AM, one practitioner almost could not stand, she recited Master's poem "Experiencing tens of thousands of tribulations, Two feet treading on thousands of demons; Standing palms shake heaven and earth, Across the air stands a giant Buddha."

and she finally made it. She has not eaten anything for 7 days, we finally helped her to go back to her bed.

At 9 AM, practitioners were force-fed. Some of our noses and mouths were bleeding afterward. Some of us had severe diarrhea.

In the afternoon, the camp director Hao, and other leaders decided to do more force-feeding. They used an especially thick tube which broke many practitioners' noses. This time, they brought us one by one to their office for force-feeding. Qu Yuhuan refused to be force-fed, and several guards beat her and held her down for the feeding. They took her away afterwards, fearing that their brutality would be exposed. Another practitioner, Wang Hurong was also taken away.

In the afternoon, guards continued force-feeding and they behaved even worse. They are now doing the feedings twice a day, and using larger tubes. We took all this lightly. However, why have they become even more evil? We decided to study Dafa and tried to enlighten to this from the Fa's perspective. We are not afraid of evil. However, we are not here to be tortured, which has led to the guards' worse behavior. We are all practitioners, why can't we use our original nature to rectify the fa? Master also told us that we should be compassionate in our actions and thoughts, Master said in his scripture Rationality: "All of your benevolent conduct is what evil fears most." The purpose of rectifying the Fa is to let people know the truth, which is also to save them. The director Hao and the guard leader proposed to talk to us, we told them that practicing and hunger strike are out of compassion. We agreed to start eating, and the director agreed to treat us better. Since we explained to them what the fa is, they immediately changed their attitude and went much easier on us. They allowed us to learn the fa and practice. We know that this is not our goal. Our goal is to tell the truth, while eliminating the evil we are also consummating ourselves. Actually, being attached to reaching Consummation is the last attachment we should get rid of. We are a particle of the whole fa-rectification process; we need to do what we should do as a particle. There are still 12 people who continued hunger strike.

December 21

Around 7AM, every one of us meditated in our own bed. Golden sunshine beamed in through the windows and it was a very quiet, peaceful and sacred atmosphere.

December 22

Guards no longer control us; they seldom come to see us as long as we do not make them look bad. We are learning the Fa and practicing the whole day and also studying Master's recent San Francisco lecture.

December 23

There was a miserable sound (due to hunger strike) coming from the other side of the hallway. Today, there are still 10 practitioners on hunger strike. They are Sun Lianxia, Fu Shuying, Li Ping, Gao Xiang, Sun Wenxiang, Yin Yijun, Li Na, Liu Shuxiang, Li Chunhui, and Sun Qianyi.

December 24

The ten practitioners still on hunger strike were called to shovel snow and then were forced to sit in small benches with their hands on their backs.

December 25

We studied the fa and practiced exercises. We read Master's lecture in North America for an hour. We arranged to have the Christmas party after dinner. Practitioners used our own money to buy candy, peanuts, oranges, etc. and arranged them on the table in the shape of characters saying: "The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities." and "Falun Dafa is good." We stood in two rows and heshi [greeting gesture] three times.

January 1, 2001