On December 16, 2000, ninety-nine Dafa practitioners in the 4th team of Shijiazhuang Women's Labor Camp submitted their accusation against Jiang Zemin, along with an appeal letter and a letter to Premier Zhu Rongji, to their team supervisor. The second day the director of Group 4 in the 1st sub team (where the practitioners who submitted those letters belong to) was transferred to another place; on the third day, Dafa practitioner Liu Juhua and Zhu Hong were coaxed and taken to a unknown place. Meanwhile, the team began to investigate who was the organizer in this submission event. However all practitioners said that who wrote that accusation was not important and what really mattered was whether or not this accusation could be sent to the central government.

This issue is not over yet. The team is doing some investigation and trying to persecute practitioners who stick to justice and truth.

We call on our fellow practitioners and all kind-hearted people in the world to give us support and help!

Address of the 4th team of Shijiazhuang Women's Labor Camp:

8 South Gaoji Street


P. R. China 050061

Team supervisor: Shang Changming

Phone number of the labor camp: 7793644

An insider

January 4, 2001