At 3:10PM on December 31st, 2000, several practitioners and I went to Tiananmen Square to tell the public the truth about Dafa and appeal to the government peacefully. Unexpectedly, I was beaten by the police. They hit me on the head with an electric stick until I lost consciousness. When I woke up I was already in a police van. Blood was coming from my head, and my whole body was bloody. Another practitioner was holding me and trying to stop the bleeding. I was sent to the police station. Upon entering I saw a female practitioner whose arms were locked to a chair. Her head was bleeding and her face was black and blue. There was another practitioner who was over 50 years old. He was sitting on the floor and his head was injured. After a while a woman over 40 years old, who was beaten unconscious, was dragged into the room and placed on the floor. She was shivering and seemed to be in extreme pain. A practitioner from my hometown was beaten up. His face was bloody and he couldn't move. Two policemen pulled him to the room and asked him to stand against the wall. However, he was too weak to sustain himself and he fell to the floor. Later several policemen came in and scolded him for pretending to be weak. When they found out that he was still in a coma, they called several doctors. After the examination, the doctors said he needed to be hospitalized immediately. Then the 40-year-old woman and the practitioner from my hometown were carried away. This is the truth of what Tiananmen police have done to our practitioners. A practitioner from Mainland China January 1st, 2001