We are California practitioners who went to Taiwan to attend the 2000 Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference. On December 30, we took the 6:30 PM Flight 3018 to go back the U.S.A. During this voyage, we witnessed a marvelous view -- Falun escorted our flight for the whole trip. The following is our story:

Shortly after our airplane left Taiwan for Vancouver, it encountered violent gusts of wind, which jolted the plane. The flight crew announced that all passengers needed to put on their safety belts and try to keep calm. Some passengers were scared, but we weren't afraid. We were either doing meditation or loudly reading Master's teachings. After some time, the airplane passed through the turbulent air current and resumed stable flight. It was around noon Vancouver time when I lifted the curtain to look outside. What I saw was a very big beautiful Falun blazing with color appearing outside of the window! I was so excited that I asked a fellow practitioner to come over so that we could enjoy the miraculous sight together. A female student from Taiwan sitting beside me also noticed the view. Later on she accepted the Dafa flyers we gave her and she told us that she would start to learn Falun Dafa via the Internet soon.

After a while, we observed an airplane appearing in the middle of a beautiful halo. Surrounded by many layers of rings of light, both the plane and the halo became increasingly larger and larger. The view lasted for about 10 minutes. It gradually disappeared when our plane was going to land. At that time, we noticed an even bigger Falun halo surrounding our airplane. We were moved so deeply that we didn't know how to express our feelings at that time. In the meanwhile, we realized that our great Master had been escorting us all the time so that we could come back safely until returning to our original, true selves.

California practitioners

January 2, 2001