How do Dafa practitioners "suffocate evil" and "eliminate evil" in their thoughts and actions, with the aspect of compassion, when facing a savage persecution by the evil force? Our teacher said, "Matter and mind are one thing" (p.28, Zhuan Falun, English version), then people's mentalities are also of material existence. If we can change the consciousness of evil from thoughts and eliminate the evil matter from mentality, the evil in human society should surely lose its origin and its environment of existence.

As Dafa practitioners, proving Dafa, telling the truth, spreading the Fa, and saving people are the most righteous causes. Then we should fulfill these straightforwardly. When the evil force is confronting a practitioner, he should step out of himself or eliminate the effect of the evil force on his mentality; it is not enough for a practitioner to set oneself against the evil force or only endure it in a passive way. This means that they have approved the existence of the evil deep in their mentality and believe that the evil still exists. If they believe that the evil still exits, it will be frenzied and fierce. If someone cultivates "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance" and is with a pessimistic attitude facing the evil, does that mean that he approved without intention the existence of the evil and encouraged the arrogance of the evil? Does that mean that he humanly lacks control of the evil and that he tries to foster the evil?

A baby would not be scared of a tiger because he has no idea that tigers are fierce. Only by fundamentally changing everyday people's mentality, by truly eliminating the evil from their thoughts, by eradicating the bad matter from the thoughts, and by removing everyday people's mentality of selfishness and egotism, only then can we purify our minds, dissolve into Fa, and function as a particle of Dafa.

Beijing and Tiananmen Square are the core and concentration of the evil, while the origin of the evil is from the evil people and their evil mentality. As Dafa practitioners, we merge ourselves in Dafa like a particle to prove Dafa, tell the truth about Falun Dafa, and let people from all walks of life understand Dafa and clear up their misunderstanding, confusion, and delusion on Dafa. We will also endeavor to change and rectify their wrong mentality, and then arouse their upright consciousness. Doesn't that mean to "suffocate evil" and "eliminate evil"? Once people's upright consciousness emerges, won't the evil eliminate itself? Just as the teacher said in the poem "New Life" in Hong Ying (Grand Poem), "Save all sentient beings; Change the rigid mentality; Corruption is annihilated; Buddha light illuminates." (An unofficial translation, subject to further improvement.)