I met him when I was in Beijing. His family of three are all Dafa practitioners. He is also a contact person in his area. On April 25th, he decided to go to Beijing to safeguard Dafa. Because he was the local contact person, he was under surveillance, and someone followed him. He was able to loose this policeman, and the local police didn't find out where he was until his airplane had already taken off. They even sent another plane after him, attempting to bring him back immediately. But this admirable practitioner still got off the plane without any trouble and walked into Beijing.

On his way, he was stopped by police who asked him where was he heading. He told them without any hesitation, "Beijing". Police asked him what place in Beijing was he heading. He replied, "FuYou Street" (where the government compound Zhong-Nan-Hai is located). Police asked him the purpose of his trip. He said, "Attending a wedding". The police smiled at him and said: "Ok, you can pass, but there are more check points along the way." Just like that, he was able to pass nine checkpoints and came to Zhong-Nan-Hai to appeal. He was caught there and detained in Feng-Tai Sports Stadium. His hometown government sent people to escort him back home. After this practitioner was released from a local jail, he went to share experiences and study Dafa with other practitioners.

One day, when he was away from home, the local public security bureau sent some police to his apartment to arrest him. At the time, only his wife was home. The police decided to wait there. His wife jumped out the window of the apartment, found her husband, and warned him about the police. At that time, they happened to see their child walking back from school. At that moment, our practitioner decided to abandon their home and took the whole family to Beijing to safeguard Dafa. He thus ended up in Beijing once again.

Many practitioners heard the news about his escape. One after another, they decided to go to Beijing and join in the effort to safeguard Dafa. Although our practitioner was in Beijing, he had never forgotten about the practitioners who had not yet stepped forward. He phoned them many times, hoping that they could step out of their 'human shells'. With his encouragement, many more practitioners stepped forward, especially the ones from his practice site. They had not only stepped forward to validate Dafa and tell people the truth, but had also helped practitioners in other regions to step forward. The effectiveness of his actions led the police to place our practitioner on their "wanted" list.

He often went to the train station to pick up practitioners. Sometimes he went there several times in a day, helping practitioners to find a place to stay. At this point, he was penniless. Many practitioners from all over the country came to Beijing to safeguard Dafa. Some of them helped him out financially. He used that money entirely to help other practitioners with lodging and meals. Due to a lack of money, his family only ate two meals a day. Our practitioner always ate only after everyone else had finished eating. He also frequently went to Tiananmen square. When he met practitioners who had no place to stay, he would take them back to join the big group. Because his house was too small to host so many people, the younger practitioners slept outdoors and let the elderly practitioners sleep inside. At the time, the police were searching for practitioners in every corner of Beijing . If a homeowner were found to have rented his place to practitioners, he would face a stiff fine. Also, all of the rental places were frequently searched by plainclothes police and public security guards. Even while in such danger, he still went out to rent houses for practitioners. He told the homeowners that he was a practitioner and even promoted Dafa to them. They rented the houses to him, being touched by his words. They volunteered to warn the practitioners if the premises were to be searched.

These measures were not enough, and Police from our practitioner's hometown came to Beijing with an arrest warrant for him. They detained practitioners found in the city, and tried to find out where our practitioner was through beatings. All they got was the reply, "I don't know."

Our practitioner has a firm belief in Dafa. Once he saw a practitioner hide one of Master's articles from police by stuffing it in his socks. In a very serious manner he said, "That is Master's Fa. How can you put it there? Give it to me and I will safeguard it for you." That practitioner felt ashamed and came back to his righteous mind immediately. One day, a plainclothes police broke into the house where he and other practitioners were staying and shouted, "What are you doing here?" Our practitioner stood up and shouted back, "What are you doing here?" Stunned by his attitude, the police thought he was also a policeman, and left the house immediately.

Another time, when he was in Tian-An-Men Square, a policeman from some distance away pointed at him and asked, "What are you doing here?" Mr. Iron put his hands on his waist and replied loudly, "I came to safeguard Dafa." Surprisingly, the policeman turned around and walked away.

This iron-willed practitioner and others wrote a letter to Secretary-General Kofi Annan of the United Nations, telling him the truth about the terrible persecution against Dafa practitioners in China. The letter was sent out after being translated into English by other practitioners.

In the middle of October, China labeled Falun Gong an [slanderous phrase]. Millions of practitioners, including our practitioner, went to the national appeal office to appeal this decision. At the time, the detention centers were packed with practitioners. Everyday, many local police from outside of Beijing came to identify people from their local areas and take them back. After he was arrested our practitioner detained him as a criminal.

Citing fabricated charges, they sentenced him to a 4-year jail term. After his wife was released, the local police confiscated her ID card. The local police even forbade companies to hire practitioners, forcing his wife and son into a harsh situation. During a group practice, his wife was again arrested and detained, leaving their only child at home unattended. But even the child could not escape the persecution. Because he refused to give up Dafa cultivation, he was expelled from school. Police even had the child followed. During the toughest time for Dafa, this practitioner has done many great deeds. Many practitioners saw him in their dreams and could not help but to wake up and cry. In the human society he has nothing, but he has a remarkably unselfish heart and has dedicated himself to Dafa without any reservation.