[China] People Are Awakening

While practitioners in a certain city in China were holding an experience sharing conference, the police found out and surrounded the building. When practitioners tried to break out of the encirclement, some of them were arrested, but 3 of them ran to a resident in the building. They knocked on the door and told the host:" We are Falun Gong practitioners; the police are trying to arrest us..." Before they could finish the sentence, the host said: "I know you are good people, hurry and come in." Practitioners stayed in the host's home for more than 2 hours and left when they were sure it was safe. The head of this household is a high-ranking official in this city.

[Beijing] Falun Gong Special Investigation Team is Stationed in Qinghua University

Right now, Falun Gong Special Investigation Team is stationed in Qinghua University and plans to step up the persecution of students there. It is known that many students from the University were arrested in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province. We hope students at Qinghua University pay attention to this matter and at the same time we appeal to all kind-hearted people the world over to pay attention to the situation of Falun Gong students in Qinghua University.

[Beijing] Jugezhuang Police Station and Pinggu Ranch Police Station in Beijing Persecute Practitioners who Went to Appeal in Tiananmen Square

On December 24, some practitioners from northeastern part of China held up banners in Tiananmen Square. They were sent to Miyun public security bureau and transferred to Tiangezhuang and Jugezhuang police station from there. The police at these stations devised all kinds of means to torture the practitioners. For example:

  1. They beat up practitioners, hanged them up by their handcuffs with their bare tiptoes just touching the icy ground for as long as 5 hours.
  2. Not allowing practitioners to wear a coat and forcing them to stand outdoors for 12 hours.
  3. Shocking female practitioners' faces with electric batons, more than 100 times on one side. Swearing at practitioners while shocking them: "I will bury you alive! I will rape you!"
  4. Trampling on practitioners' faces and kicking practitioners with leather boots.

On December 27, some practitioners from northeastern part of China held up banners on Tiananmen Square. They were detained in Pinggu Detention Center in Beijing and were released after 4 days' hunger strike.

In Pinggu Ranch Police Station, the director yelled:" I can bury you alive and no one even knows your name." A police with police serial number "61575" who claims to be the head of a Bureau (probably the Public Security Bureau) yelled: " The Communist Party says you are bad, then you are bad. I will execute you!"

In Pinggu Detention Center, the deputy director (police serial number 61532) and female cell guard, Qu Xingyun (police serial number 61516), brought male prisoners into female cells. They encouraged the male prisoners to beat practitioners and use cigarette butts to burn them.

In female cell No.2, two female practitioners died from force-feeding. A 22-year-old practitioner named Wang Lili has already been on hunger strike for more than 10 days.

Pinggu Detention Center used the following means to torture practitioners:

1. Handcuffing two hands tightly so that the handcuffs cut into the flesh and then hanging the practitioners up high with their feet barely touching the ground for at least 4 hours.

2. Not allowing practitioners to wear a coat and forcing them to sit on the stone floor outdoors for several hours.

3. Putting heavy shackles on practitioners, and having prisoners force practitioners to run for 4-5 hours.

4. Forcing practitioners to wear an iron hat.

5. Beating and whipping practitioners' eyes.

6. Trampling on practitioners' hands and heads with leather boots.

[China] From A Casual Chat, One Can See the Whole Thing

On the train from Beijing to Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, I had a chat with a family of three in a railway carriage. They are not Dafa practitioners, but the hostess of the family has a kind heart. While I was telling her the truth of Falun Dafa, she told me a story: her brother-in-law is in charge of a project and leads a construction team. One day, all the members of the construction team stopped their work because they were told that they had another assignment: to safeguard public order. The whole construction team was given brief instructions (it could be called " group training"); then, these workers went on duty: their task to "safeguard public order" was to arrest Dafa practitioners who came to appeal. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that the number of the "plainclothes police" in Tiananmen Square exceeds the number of tourists. For the workers, postponing their hard labor, strolling on Tiananmen Square and streets while getting paid a salary by the government (Public Security Department), is easier and a more stable salary than getting paid by their boss. Who can blame them? But, how about their earnings? It is a shame to see that the public security department of the capital of such a magnificent country going so far as to use laborers to arrest its own citizens.

[Wulumuqi City, Xinjiang Autonomous Region] Wulumuqi City Detains Practitioners in Labor Camps

Dafa practitioners from various areas of Xinjiang Autonomous Region are detained in Wulabo Labor Camp. Most of them are female. (Male practitioners are primarily detained in Changji Labor Camp in Wujiaqu.) There are 70 or so practitioners detained there for going to appeal last year or this year, or for distributing Dafa materials this year. (The eldest among them is over 60 years old; the youngest is only 16 years old.)

Not long ago, a vast majority of the practitioners went on a hunger strike to validate the Dafa and Dafa practitioners. Their hunger strikes lasted for 10 days, until December 12th. Their conditions due the strike are unknown. Among them, Gao Manman went on hunger strike while being placed in confinement.

Phone numbers of police officers Ma and Yang: 86-991-5849149.

[Changji and Wulumuqi Cities, Xinjiang Autonomous Region] Changji and Wulumuqi City Arrest Dafa practitioners

A couple with a last name of Liu from Machinery Research Institute of Xinjiang Autonomous Region distributed Dafa materials to their relatives in Changji City. The police in Changji City found out and deceived them, using the names of their relatives, into coming to Changji City and then arrested them. It has been almost 2 months since then and their whereabouts remain unknown.

On December 27, another round of large-scale arrest of practitioners took place in Wulumuqi City. At 11 o'clock that night, police wagons with the lights flashing and whistles blowing appeared on the streets. The policemen arrived at Dafa practitioners' homes almost at the very same time. Some Dafa practitioners were able to leave their homes in time. The accurate number of arrested is unknown.

A list of the perpetrators:

Yue Jiangming : Vice captain of the National Security Section of the Public Security Bureau of Changji City, promoted to this position for suppressing Falun Gong.

Jin Xiaocheng : Captain of the National Security Section of the Public Security Bureau of Changji City.

Ta Shi : Uygur Nationality, political instructor of the National Security Section of Public Security Bureau of Changji City.

Yu Hong : political committee member of the Public Security Bureau of Changji City.

[Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] Recently, Police of the Districts of Guangzhou City Detain Dafa Practitioners Without Restraint

Recently, police of the districts of Guangzhou city started to detain Dafa practitioners without restraint and, once again, forcibly sent them to "transformation classes." Perhaps the police did this for fear that the practitioners would go to Beijing to appeal. Previously some practitioners from Guangdong Province had gone to Beijing repeatedly.

Several days ago, about 8 Guangzhou City railway police and police from the local police station took Dafa practitioner, Xu Laili, a lawyer from Nanxing Attorney Office of Guangzhou City, away from her office and ransacked her home. When her daughter brought the meal for her to the police station and asked the police whether she could bring her next meal, the police replied: "Wait two or three years." Xu had offered legal assistance to illegally detained Dafa practitioners many times.

In addition, it is known that railway police have forcibly taken practitioners including Liang Zihui and Zhang Anmei away and forced them to attend transformation classes.

[Baoding City, Hebei Province] Baoding City Government Publicized a "Hotline To Expose Falun Gong Practitioners"

Because of Dafa practitioners' clarifying the truth and exposing the evil, Baoding City government publicized a "hotline to expose Falun Gong practitioners" in 'Baoding Daily' dated December 5, and arranged hotline operators on duty 24 hours a day. The hotline number is 86-312-3091974.

The practitioners in Baoding City hope Dafa practitioners in other areas actively call this number and snuff out the evil by explaining the truth to the hotline operators.

December 30, 2000