We hereby appeal to all kind-hearted people to show your concern for Wang Hongbin. Mr. Wang works in Hebei Province Telephone Equipment Factory as a senior engineer. He is a kind , honest, upright, and responsible person.

On December 5, 2000, the policemen from the Changan Sub-department of Shijiazhuang Police Department in Hebei Province and Dongda Street police station took Wang Hongbin away with a summons. Since then he has suffered an extended detention and has been deprived of all civil rights. According to Rule 92 of Code of Criminal Procedure, "Summons term must not exceed 12 hours". Detention in the disguised form of repeatedly issuing summons is also prohibited.

On December 7, the third day after Wang was taken away, his relatives inquired as to his location, but nobody in the Police Department was willing to tell the truth.

On December 14, Changan Sub-department sentenced Wang to a jail term on the charge of "obstructing justice using an evil cult". This is not only against the actual facts but also lack of basic law. It wasn't until Dec 15th that his relatives were advised that Wang was being detained in the First Detention Center in Shijiazhuang City.

Rule 65 of Code of Criminal Procedure stipulates "Public security units must interrogate the detained person within 24 hours after detaining them. When found that he/she is not eligible to be detained, he/she must be released immediately with release documentation. For those who may be subject to arrest but without sufficient evidence, they can be released on bail or put under surveillance." Since Wang has been detained under criminal detention for over 24 hours and no criminal evidence has been brought against him, Changan Sub-department should release him immediately without delay.

Wang Hongbin practices Falun Gong and believes in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance". There is nothing wrong to practice "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance". Falun Gong is not an'evil cult' and no national laws or regulations in writing stipulate that Falun Gong is an 'evil cult'. Up to now no one has been allowed to visit or send clothes or provisions to Wang.

In accordance with Rule 75 and the sacred civil right granted by the Constitution, Wang's relatives and friends strongly request that Wang Hongbin be released.

Wang Hongbin should be released with a verdict of "not guilty".

We appeal to all the levels of government units as well as all kind-hearted people to give your concern to Wang's situation.

From Mainland China

December 28, 2000